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What Have You Done For Me Lately? PokerStars Cuts Pros

1 8 September 2010 , By: compncards
Havad Khan 430x286
It looks like PokerStars has decided to trim down their roster of sponsored pros.   Havad Khan, Gavin Griffin, and Peter Eastgate are no longer with the site. First, the cutting of Peter Eastgate is not surprising.  He's no longer playing poker and as such should not be sponsored.
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Gus Hansen - Maybe It's Time to Retire

5 1 September 2010 , By: compncards
Gus Hansen
Back in the day, Gus Hansen’s seemingly reckless style of play was winning him WPT titles and Hansen was considered one of the best poker players on the planet. I put that as a big was after some of the astonishing numbers that were recently published about him. For the month of August, Hansen has lost $2. 85 Million on Full Tilt Poker.
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Online Poker – Greed Overrides Right and Wrong

30 August 2010 , By: Charlie River
Land-based casinos in California oppose the regulation of online poker. They are afraid of losing revenue; they say this openly. The main argument of their opponents, the Regulators, goes along the same lines: “Regulated online poker will bring in cash. ” My reply to both sides would be: “So what?!” *It’s not about your revenue* The question whether online poker should be legal or not cannot possibly be reduced to a matter of revenue.

Cheating in Online Poker Happens Every Day - Get Used to It

5 20 August 2010 , By: compncards
Recently, WickedChopsPoker published an article going into detail about the UB super user scandal and many of the names involved with assisting Russ Hamilton in moving around money. Also, a Chinese collusion ring was revealed on PokerStars where several players would join and play numerous double or nothing sit n go tournaments. These stories just go to reinforce one important truth that one must realize when playing online poker and that you must ALWAYS look out for cheaters. People cheat at online poker.
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