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5 Things Every WSOP Newbie Should Know

28 April 2015, By:

There's plenty of information out there telling new players how to register for events, where to stay, where to eat, etc.

However, these articles don't cover some of the everyday questions or issues that all of us have faced at the WSOP. Below are five things every newbie to the WSOP should know.

1. Bring Your Walking Shoes

If you've never been to the World Series of Poker be prepared to do a lot of walking. Dress comfortably and bring your walking shoes, as you will do some hiking.

The hike will generally start from when you first arrive at the Rio. Unless you get there early in the day or later in the evening, prepare to have to park as far as 1/4 of a mile from the front door.

Once inside you will have a bit more hiking to do. The tournament rooms are massive and will give you a nice workout just getting to and from your destination.

Tennis shoes or some type of comfortable walking shoe is necessary if you want to avoid aching feet by the end of the day.

2. Register For Events During Off-Peak Times

You've probably heard or read about massively long lines for WSOP events. This is because players make the mistake of registering for the event on the actual day of the event.

If you know that you're going to play in a particular event there's no need to wait until the day of the event to register. You can register for any event at any time once the WSOP begins.

Peak times at the WSOP are anytime that there is a tournament getting ready to start and up to a couple hours after it begins.

Evening hours are the best times to register for WSOP events. Head over to the cages and register for your events ahead of time.

Once registered all you need to do is come in and head straight to your table to play the event. Skip the lines and register in advance.

3. Take a Shuttle to the Rio

You may not be aware but all Caesars properties offer shuttle services to the Rio and other sister properties.

This means that if you stay at Flamingo, The Linq, Paris, The Cromwell or Planet Hollywood you can request a shuttle to the Rio free of charge.

Please keep in mind that these shuttles may only run at certain times of the day so plan ahead. However, you can always talk to the hotel concierge about arranging transportation back to your property when needed.

If you're not staying at a Caesars property, talk with your property's front desk about arranging transportation to the Rio. Some properties will be willing to arrange transportation if you provide enough notice.

4. Satellites Are Not Just for Bracelet Events

Some players don't fully understand the concept of satellites at the WSOP. Anytime you play in a satellite and win you receive lammers that can be used to buy into WSOP events.

A common misconception by new players is that these lammers can only be used for bracelet events. The truth is that they can be used for any event during the WSOP, including satellites.

For example, if you win a $125 satellite you will receive two $500 lammers. Instead of buying into a $1,000 bracelet event you could buy-in a $500 Main Event Mega or even into a single-table $1,000 satellite.

Also, remember that these lammers expire at the end of the WSOP so be sure to use them.

5. Don't Wait Until the Break to Use the Restroom

If you have to go, don't wait until the break to go. The reason we say this is that the WSOP is famous for long lines at the restroom.

In larger field events such as the Millionaire Maker, players can find themselves spending their entire break just trying to get into the men's room.

Yes, this applies more to men than women just due to the percentage of male vs. female participants.

Head out a couple of minutes early for your break or maybe take an impromptu bathroom break during the middle of a level.

The restrooms will be virtually empty during these times and odds are you will miss no more than three to five hands.

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