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iDEAL Poker | Play Poker with iDEAL

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iDEAL is a real-time online transfer from your bank account to a poker site. It's fast, efficient and secure and puts you in complete control of your poker deposits and withdrawals. If you live in the Netherlands, where iDEAL is based, you'll find that most major poker sites will accept iDEAL as a payment method.

iDEAL has been a staple payment provider in the Netherlands since 2005 and is used for literally millions of daily bill payments, charitable donations and even tax transactions by Dutch citizens. It's by far the most popular online payment method in the Netherlands.

In fact iDEAL is so popular it accounts for close to 60% of all online transactions made in the Netherlands!

iDEAL requires no special set-up or maintenance. As long as you have an account at a major bank (SNS Bank, Fortis, Freisland Bank, Rabobank, ING Bank (Postbank), ABN Amro) iDEAL is a payment option for you and you can take advantage of it for online poker transfers. 

iDEAL is owned by Dutch company Currence.

Advantages of iDEAL Poker

  • No need to register or enrol. Use iDEAL directly if you're a customer of any major bank in the Netherlands
  • As secure as online banking
  • iAll payment details pre-filled automatically
  • Immediate confirmation of payment
  • Immediate availability of poker balance
  • No fees for iDEAL deposits
  • No new account required - just pay directly from your bank account

 How Do I Make an iDEAL Poker Deposit?


If you live in the Netherlands and are logged into your poker account you'll be able to make an iDEAL deposit very easily. If you navigate to the cashier page and scroll through the deposit options you'll see the iDEAL logo. 

  • Click on the iDEAL logo
  • Select your bank from the list of iDEAL partners
  • Access your bank account through the proper log ins
  • Decide on and enter the amount you want to deposit
  • Confirm deposit
  • Watch for the money to arrive in your poker account
  • Receive confirmation and see deposit removed from your account right away

That's really all there is to it. You have complete control over how much you can deposit based on your account balance and nay poker site limits (or minimums). The transaction is equally secure whether you're making it from your desktop, laptop or mobile phone/tablet.

Can I Reverse an iDEAL Poker Deposit?

Once you've sent your poker deposit via iDEAL you can't reverse it or recover it without going through the standard poker site withdrawal process. Your iDEAL poker deposit is directly deducted from your bank account and the payment is processed within seconds. If there is any dispute over the amount of your deposit contact the poker site's customer support immediately.

Are iDEAL Poker Deposits Secure?

You are accessing your bank account to make an iDEAL deposit so usual precautions should be taken (ie don't login to your account in a visible way) but otherwise iDEAL is very secure.

iDEAL uses the same security protocols and encryption as online or mobile banking so there's no risk of transactions being intercepted.  As long as you're making a transaction to a reputable online site (see our list of the top online poker sites) there is very little risk.

Your iDEAL transfer should arrive in your poker account virtually immediately; should you not see your deposit arrive within a few minutes you should contact the poker site's customer support.

Are There Any Fees for an iDEAL Poker Deposit?

There are no bank costs for using iDEAL and poker sites will typically waive all fees for any deposit method. There is a chance you could pay a small fee for any withdrawals. The poker site will notify you if there are any fees charged for withdrawals. If you do a peer-to-peer transfer you will pay a small fee as well.

Can I Make a Poker Withdrawal via iDEAL?

Yes. As iDEAL is essentially a bank transfer you can make withdrawals to your bank account via iDEAL in the Netherlands. Unfortunately PokerStars has now decided it will not allow people to use iDEAL going forward but previously it was accepted. Other major poker sites in the Netherlands are reportedly still allowing for iDEAL deposits or withdrawals but it's best to check with each site individually to see if they will still be using iDEAL.

If iDEAL is no longer being accepted there are a few comparable services for poker withdrawals as well as the classic means of bank transfers and good old checks.

iDeal payments

Can I Use iDEAL on PokerStars?

Unfortunately, not any more. In a surprise announcement in Sept. 2018 PokerStars informed its Dutch players it would no longer be able to use iDEAL for poker deposits and withdrawals.

In its announcement the Stars group implied iDEAL will no longer be legal in the Netherlands but recommended other payment options including Trustly and SOFORT. There are also numerous eWallets and pre-paid cards poker players can use.

The move to remove iDEAL is thought to be related to the impending opening of the Netherlands gaming market to international gaming operators who can apply for a local license and operate within the regulated Dutch market.

Can I Use iDEAL for Mobile Poker?

Yes, iDEAL has a full mobile app you can download but if you're accessing your poker site via mobile it will be similar to depositing via desktop or laptop. Simply click through to the mobile cashier, select iDEAL from the payment methods menu and continue your deposit via the forms provided.

The iDEAL app is available free of charge for everyone with a smartphone or tablet with iOS (9.0 or higher) or Android (4.0.3. or higher).


If you already have your bank details on file with the poker site it's little more than just a click. QR Codes are often used for making simple iDEAL payments although it's unlikely that will be used to make an online poker deposit. 

You can use the iDEAL app to generate QR codes for ‘consumer-to-consumer’ transfers, though, which could be usable for transferring funds to friends or other players.

Can I Use iDEAL in the US or Canada?

No, unfortunately iDEAL is limited to the Netherlands so you can't use in the US or Canada. For more information about what poker sites you can access in the US and what deposit methods are available to you, visit our US Online Poker page:

Does iDEAL Have Deposit & Withdrawal Limits?

As iDEAL is directly connected to your online banking there is ostensibly no "limit" per se to how much you can deposit. Each poker site does have a minimum deposit requirement (usually $10-25) and a daily or weekly maximum though.

Withdrawals also have a minimum and maximum set by each poker site.

Can I Get an iDEAL Poker Bonus?

It's unlikely that you'll get a specific bonus for depositing money to your poker account via iDEAL (especially now with the recent decision by PokerStars). Online poker bonuses can sometimes be tied to certain deposit methods (eg extra 10-20% match bonuses for making a deposit via one method) but most are not tied to which method you use.

Most poker sites have ongoing promotions and bonuses they offer (reload bonuses, etc) so it's always good to check and see if any special deposit bonuses are being offered.

Are There Any Downsides to iDEAL Poker Deposits?

As mentioned, iDEAL poker deposits are instant and immediately deducted from your bank account so there's no going back once you've hit "submit." Your deposit is immediately available in your poker account for play but you will need to go through the poker site withdrawal process to have your funds returned.

As you are accessing your own bank account you are also not restricted to a certain deposit limit (outside of the poker site's overall limits) so you should be certain you aren't depositing outside of your budget.

What Name Will Show Up On My Bank Statement?

Once you've completed your iDEAL poker deposit your bank statement will show the name of the company that receives/collects the money. As online poker sites often have parent companies or use third-party payment processors, the name on your statement might not be as clear as "PokerStars" or "888poker."

If you don't recognize the name on your bank statement, don't panic. The money has been properly transferred if you see it in your online poker account.

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