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GGPoker features WSOP bracelets, record-breaking prizepools, an integrated staking platform, and over $100,000 in bonuses every day. Check out our GGPoker review to see if this is the site for you. 

What we love
  • New customers can choose one of two bonuses
  • Hosts WSOP bracelet events and satellites
  • Home to innovations like Flip & Go & online staking
  • Over 100,000 players at peak times
  • Excellent software and innovations
  • Some of the best promos in the world
  • Traffic and games at all levels
What we don't love
  • No Stud, Draw or Mixed Games

Coming from the Far East and making a splash in the West, GGPoker is now one of the biggest names in the business. The GGNetwork launched in 2014 and GGPoker, its flagship site, joined the party soon after. At this point, it wasn’t particularly well-known outside of Asia. Those that did know about it were using GGPoker VPN services to find the best games. However, as the site grew, so too did its owner’s ambitions. 

By 2018, GGPoker had obtained gaming licenses in the UK and the Isle of Man. This facilitated the next step on its journey to the top. Moreover, it answered the question of whether or not GGPoker is legit (it is). Once it was active in the UK, Europe, Canada, and Asia, it was time to have some fun. Mega-money MTTs, clever innovations, and big-name ambassadors such as Mr GGPoker Daniel Negreanu turned the platform into a hive of activity. 

Today, more than 100,000 customers enter their GGPoker login details every day and play cash games, tournaments, and SNGs. That makes it one of the industry’s top platforms and, importantly, a serious threat to PokerStars. To help explain all of this, we’ve created another one of our guides. This GGPoker review will highlight all of the company’s best features, show you how to get free money, entry to WSOP events, and much more. So, with that being said, let’s get started.


A question we’re often asked is: can I get a GGPoker no deposit bonus as a new customer? Unfortunately, the answer is no. However, fear not, because this poker operator isn’t lacking on the poker bonus front. In fact, when it comes to ingenious ideas, GGPoker is up there with the best because it gives you the power to choose. That’s right, when you click PLAY HERE at the top of the page to use our sign-up link, you can select one of two GGPoker welcome bonuses. 

Bonus Code and Payout

You don’t need a GGPoker bonus code to get something extra as a newbie. All you have to do is click here and create your first (and only) account. Once you’ve done that, log in and select one of the following:

  • $100 in Free Rewards: To get this GGPoker bonus, you’ll need to deposit at least $20. Once you’ve done that, you’ll get $40 worth of Spin & Gold tournament tickets. These tickets are released over the course of five days. 

The remaining $60 worth of value is credited to your account as cash (no playthrough requirements) when you play GGPoker’s All-In or Fold Games. You’ll receive $6 when you’ve played 300 All-In or Fold hands. Get to 400 hands and you’ll get another $8. From there, 500 hands gets you $10 and, finally, 1,000 hands unlocks the last $10. 


  • A 100% Deposit Bonus: If the above package doesn’t take your fancy, you can deposit $10+ and receive a 100% match bonus. The maximum payout is $600 and your bonus will be paid in $5 increments each time you rake $20. This equates to a GGPoker rakeback rate of 25% and you’ll have 90 days before your credits expire. 

GGPoker Promotions 

The GGPoker promo page is packed with offers. In fact, there are almost too many daily and weekly deals to comprehend. We’ve highlighted some of the best below, but the thing you need to know is that there can be up to $8 million worth of added value every month! 

  • Honeymoon Missions: This feature is reserved for new customers. After activating this promo, you’ll have a 30-day honeymoon period during which you’re given missions to complete. Each time you cross off a task, you’ll receive bonus cash, free tournament tickets, and more. 
  • The Daily Freebie: You can get free tickets and more just for logging into your account on a daily basis. 
  • Cash Races: Those of you that like to grind can play for daily and weekly prizepools worth thousands. What’s great about GGPoker’s races is that they cover all variants, including cash games, SNGs, fast-fold poker, and more. If that’s not enough, it also offers the biggest prizepools. Every day there’s more than $50,000 to be won!
  • Prgoressive Jackpots: Other promos to look out for are jackpots. As well as the GGPoker bad beat jackpot, big hands (such as royal flushes) can also trigger big payouts. 

Loyalty Program 

If you’re a loyal player but can’t grind your way to the top of a GGPoker leaderboard, don’t worry. The Fish Buffet loyalty scheme is your chance to get something back based on what you put in. The aim is simple: you earn Fish Points (FPs) each time you play real-money poker and casino games. The current conversion rate is $1 in rake = 100 FPs.

Moving up the GGPoker loyalty ladder requires you to collect as many points as possible within a certain period of time. At the lowest levels, your points are calculated on a weekly basis. As you progress up the rankings, your status will be determined by the number of points you collect every 15 days, 30 days and, eventually, every 365 days. 

Unsurprisingly, the rewards improve in line with your GGPoker VIP status. What’s most interesting is that this is a dual system. Standard fish rankings, such as Plankton and Goldfish, allow you to earn cashback through random rewards. This system is similar to PokerStars’ Stars Rewards in that you get mystery prizes valued within a certain range. For example, Plankton VIPs can get random cashback rewards worth between $0.75 and $2 every week. 

In addition to standard rankings, you could become a Platinum Fish. Hit one of these levels and you’ll stop receiving random prizes and get a flat cashback rate. Basically, you can exchange FPs for cash based on your status. At the top level, GGPoker rakeback rates can top 60%!

GGPoker Rake Structure and Cashback Rates

  • GGPlatinum Status = $1 per 167 FPs (60% rakeback)
  • Shark = = $1 per 182 FPs (55% rakeback)
  • Whale = $1 per 200 FPs (50% rakeback)
  • Octopus = $1 per 285 FPs (35% rakeback)
  • Fish = $1 per 500 FPs (20% rakeback)


GGPoker is as big on innovations as it is the basics. For example, if you’re a fan of Hold’em and Omaha, there are full-ring, six-max, and GGPoker heads-up tables starting at $2NL/PL. As well as low and mid-stake cash games, the GGPoker Network plays host to some of the biggest games online. For example, in 2020, Polish pro Wiktor Malinowski won a pot worth $842,438 in a $500/$1,000 NLHE cash game. From standard Hold’em and Omaha cash games, you get to Short Deck Hold’em and VIP tables. Then, just for good measure, there are fast-fold games known as Rush and Cash, as well as all manner of SNGs, including All-In or Fold tournaments. Basically, when it comes to gaming options, the GGPoker app is crammed with something for everyone. 

OK great, but what about the GGPoker rake policy? As a general rule, Hold’em, Short Deck, and GGPoker Omaha rake is set at 5% for cash games. The cap per pot will depend on the stakes you’re playing for and there’s a no flop no drop policy. When it comes to GGPoker tournaments, the standard fee is between 8% and 3% of the buy-in.

GGPoker Tournaments and Satellites

The GGPoker vs. PokerStars battle has resulted in some seriously impressive innovations in recent years. Today, the GGPoker tournament schedule is, many ways, better than its closest rival. Then again, PokerStars has the upper-hand in other ways. Fortunately, you’re not in a position where you have to choose GGPoker or PokerStars. Our sign-up links will give you access to both sites. However, if you want to know why the GGPoker schedule has evolved into one of industry’s best, here are its highlights. 

GGPoker Freeroll and Low-Stakes Events

There are plenty of free ways to play at GGPoker Online. From newbie freerolls to weekly events for VIPs, you’ll have opportunities galore to win free money. For those that prefer to avoid the melee of freerolls, the daily MTT schedule has tournaments costing as little as $0.05. At the other end of the spectrum, GGPoker is becoming the home of high-stakes weeklys. The $10,300 Super Millions is top of the tree with its $2 million guarantee. Alongside that is the GGMasters and various weekend specials with six and seven-figure prizepools. As you’d expect, direct buy-ins and satellites are available for every major event. 

ggpoker wsop circuit

GGPoker WSOP Events

Perhaps the best move GGPoker made in 2020 was to partner with the WSOP for its international online bracelet and Circuit events. still hosts these events in the US. However, outside of the States, it hands over control to its partner. That means GGPoker countries such as the UK, Canada, and China can compete for WSOP bling via their desktop or mobile. The annual GGPoker WSOP schedule not only features bracelet and Circuit events but guarantees topping $100 million and plenty of satellites. 

Spin & Gold

PokerStars doesn’t have the monopoly and lottery-style SNGs anymore but we’re pretty sure GGPoker is going after its rival with Spin & Gold. As well as a similar name (i.e. Spin & Go), GGpoker has games starting at $0.25 and jackpots worth an impressive $1 million. However, where this site goes a step beyond is by offering extra games with prizes worth a staggering $4 million. And, if that’s not enough, there are daily cash races through which the top players share $50,000.

ggpoker flip & Go

Flip & Go

Although there’s a fair amount of imitation going on at GGPoker, this idea is original. Flip & Go tournaments let you breeze through early stages and get straight into the money. Basically, you choose to pay between 1X and 8X the buy-in. The amount you pay will give you a corresponding stack i.e. the more you pay, the bigger your starting stack will be. Once the tournament starts, everyone is dealt three cards and you’ll have 30 seconds to discard one. When you’ve done that, everyone at the table is moved all-in automatically, This process continues until one player is left. Having a bigger starting stack certainly helps, but you still need a bit of luck. 

Finally, when every table is down to one player, everyone left is in the money. From this point onwards, things play out like a standard MTT. So, in simple terms, Flip & Go tournaments cut out the boring bit and put you straight into the important bit. 

Staking, Betting, and GGPoker Insurance

It doesn’t matter if you’re a player or a railbird, GGPoker gives you a way to invest in the action. The betting feature allows fans to bet on the final table of certain MTTs. The staking feature allows final tablists to sell pieces of their action. If that’s not enough, GGPoker also offers bubble protection. If you see an MTT with the bubble protection stamp, it means everyone who registers early will receive their buy-in back if they’re eliminated on the bubble.


Click PLAY HERE at the top of this page for our GGPoker download link and you’ll see that this platform has a distinctly playful vibe. This ties into the idea that many of its features and innovations cater to casual players. Of course, there are still things that pros will love. For example, in major MTTs, such as the GGPoker Spring Festival and the WSOP 2020, players had their real names on display. This creates much more of a big event feel. 

Another nice touch is the information panels inside the game client. This not only makes it easier to find what you’re looking for, it allows you to join a game fully informed. The one point to make is GGPoker isn’t a no download poker site. In other words, it only offers a native app and not any instant play software. 


GGPoker isn’t quite as slick as PokerStars when it comes to multi-tabling but it’s not far behind. Loading up to 4+ tables doesn’t require too much processing power and you can tile or cascade them with a single click. Games can be brought to the front automatically or you can take control manually. 

Mobile App

The GGPoker mobile app is available for Android and iOS devices. The latter requires OS 6.0xx or better and 2 GB of RAM. The latter runs on iPhone/iPad 7 or above and needs 3GB of RAM. In terms of game selection and features, everything that’s available on your PC or Mac is available on the mobile app. This means you get access to cash games, tournaments, innovative SNGs, cash races, promos and the GGPoker HUD. 

GGPoker table

No HUDs Policy

GGPoker doesn’t allow third-party poker tools. This means you can’t use popular HUDs and trackers such as Hold’em Manager. However, because its executives know that players like to track stats, there is an official GGPoker HUD. This custom feature can be used in all games and provides a variety of essential stats, including VPIP and PFR. 


GGPoker has risen up to become one of the biggest names in poker. Although it initially focused on the Asian market, it’s since obtained licences to operate in the UK, Europe, and Canada. That’s resulted in a surge of activity. Indeed, with the help of GGPoker pros like Dan Bilzerian and Daniel Negreanu, the network now attracts a wide variety of players. 

For example, things like the GGPoker Ladbible tournament are an example of how this platform appeals to casuals. At the other end of the spectrum, GGPoker Negreanu tables are designed to attract seasoned grinders. Finally, at the top of the tree, events like the Super Millions cater to poker’s elite. 

This diverse mix of members means that GGPoker has soft games and some of the toughest games in the world. That’s hardly surprising when you consider that, on average, there are more than 7,000 active cash game players each day. When you add tournament players in the mix, there can be upwards of 100,000 people on the site. That’s a lot of people and the reason you can find plenty of fish.


The help pages at GGPoker are filled with all manner of guides and tips. The FAQ should help you out of most tight spots. You can also take a look at the GGPoker blog for news and updates. If you need a more direct form of support, the GGPoker contact page will put you in touch with a member of the customer service team. There are separate email addresses for different problems and, as an added bonus, this operator also has a Discord channel.

GGPoker Customer Service Options 


GGPoker’s payment options will vary depending on where you live. However, there are certain things that are true across the board. For example, the GGPoker minimum deposit is $10. Similarly, the GGPoker withdrawal policy ensures that all requests of $10+ are processed within 24 hours. 

It used to be the case that GGPoker charged a $1 fee for all withdrawals. From our research, it appears as though this system has been scrapped. However, it’s something to be aware of. Another slight issue is the fact GGPoker PayPal payments aren’t available (at least not in the UK). This has become a standard option in recent years, so it would nice to see it added to the mix. 

To make a deposit or withdrawal, open the app, go to the GGPoker cashier page and select on of the following methods:

Payment Options


GGPoker is a relatively new site compared to the likes of PokerStars and William Hill. However, it’s made up a lot of ground in a short period of time. In fact, thanks to some neat innovations, a seriously impressive selection of promotions, and games catering to all bankrolls, it’s quickly become one of the best poker sites in the world. Assuming it continues to progress in the way it has, GGPoker will be a success. Moreover, the company as a whole will continue to offer fantastic products for players of all persuasions.

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