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Maestro Poker | Play Poker with Maestro

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Originally known as "Switch," Maestro has become one of the pre-eminent names in banking and financial transactions over the past 25 years. Its logo is familiar and reassuring to millions of customers worldwide and its proven to be a fast, efficient and secure means of moving money into your online poker account.

What is a Maestro Card?

In simple terms a Maestro card is a Mastercard credit card without the credit part. A Maestro debit card is co-branded with your bank and connected directly to your bank account. It can also be a pre-paid debit card entirely separate from your bank account but that can be funded through transfers from your account.

You can use the card both online and in person but rather than using credit that you have to pay back later the funds are immediately withdrawn from your bank account or pre-paid balance to pay the merchant.

You'll see the Maestro logo on millions of ATMs worldwide as it is the preferred card partner for hundreds of banks across Europe and the rest of the globe. It's easy to get (you can apply for one through your bank), easy to use and charges minimal fees (if any) for transferring money to and from a poker account.

Why Play Poker Using Maestro?

  • Can use as either pre-paid card or debit card linked to your bank account
  • No fees for poker deposits
  • Accepted almost universally
  • Secure and fast with unmatched fraud protection
  • Accessible and easy to use for mobile poker deposits

How Do I Get a Maestro Card for Poker?

As mentioned there are two options for the type of Maestro card you can get:

  • Pre-paid Maestro
  • Maestro Debit Card

Maestro is a division of international financial mogul Mastercard but a Maestro debit card is issued by and co-branded with your local bank. You'll will have to go to your local bank to obtain one as it is directly connected to your own bank account.


When you use a Maestro debit card you are drawing funds directly from your bank account rather than on credit but cards are universally accepted wherever Mastercard is accepted. You may also have an overdraft limit allowing you to go slightly over the actual funds currently in your account.

A Maestro pre-paid card can be obtained at your bank but can also be purchased online or at a retailer that offers gift cards (7-11, Walmart etc). Maestro pre-paid cards can be bought as "gift cards" in increments of various amounts ranging from $25-$200 for the most part.

A pre-paid Maestro card can also be bought as a pre-paid card with a set amount already loaded but with an option to reload the card with more funds to use again. When you use a pre-paid Maestro card you can only deposit up to the amount actually funded on the card.

How Long Will it Take to Get a Maestro Card for Poker?

A pre-paid Maestro card can be bought and used immediately. As mentioned, the funds are already pre-loaded onto the card and will be immediately available on the poker site once deposited. You will have no delay in transferring or receiving funds.

A Maestro debit card will have to be set up at your bank but the process is very quick. You should be able to walk out of the bank with your card that same day. Most poker sites will accept Maestro debit cards and, as the funds are being withdrawn directly from your bank account, will also be available for poker player immediately.

Which Poker Sites Accept Maestro Cards?

With a powerhouse financial entity behind Maestro cards virtually every poker site will accept Maestro for deposits. All of the major poker sites listed on PokerJunkie including:

all accept Maestro cards. No poker sites we've seen charge any fees for making a Maestro deposit.

How Do I Make a Maestro Poker Deposit?

Making a Maestro poker deposit is a very simple and straight-forward process. If you have a pre-paid Maestro card or Maestro debit card you can:

  • Proceed right to the cashier in your poker client
  • Click on the Maestro option in the payment methods menu
  • Enter the Maestro card details into the proper fields (card number and security code)
  • Select the amount you'd like to deposit (be sure to match the poker site's minimum deposit amount)
  • Click submit

The requested amount will be immediately debited from either your bank account or the card's balance and directly transferred into your online poker account. They'll be available for play immediately. Should they not appear in your account, contact the poker site's customer support via live chat immediately and they will be able to help you.

If there is an issue with your pre-paid card, Mastercard has representatives on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you sort it out. If it's a problem with your bank you'll need to deal with them directly.


How Do I Make a Maestro Card Poker Withdrawal?

Withdrawals to a Maestro debit or pre-paid card are typically not an option at most poker sites. It may be possible with a re-loadable Maestro card but you will not be able to process withdrawals to either your Maestro debit card or Maestro gift card.

Can I Use Maestro at PokerStars?

Yes, Maestro cards are currently accepted on all PokerStars platforms, including, and even in the US, although you'll only be able to use a USD Maestro gift card for play on PokerStars NJ. PokerStars does not charge fees for using Maestro.

Maestro card deposits are full integrated into the PokerStars cashier so no matter which software platform you're using (download, no download, mobile app) you simply need to follow the prompts in the cashier and enter your Maestro card details.

If you have yet to create your account at PokerStars, head to our PokerStars review page to download the software and create your account now!

Can I Make a Maestro Deposit on 888poker?

Yes, Maestro debit card and pre-paid card deposit are welcome on 888poker. Here's how to do it:

  • Navigate to the Cashier
  • Select 'Deposit'
  • Click on 'Maestro'
  • Enter your card details and the amount you want to deposit (Note: An Issue Number or Start Date will be required but i neither appear on your Maestro card simply enter 01 in the Issue Number field).
  • Click 'Submit'

An online notification will confirm your deposit. The transaction will appear on your Card Statement as: "Cassava LTD" or "Cassava".

Can I Use Maestro for Online Poker in the US?

You can, although it can't be used directly online if your Maestro debit card is issued from a non-American bank. What you can do, however, is purchase a pre-paid Maestro card at a retailer (using your Maestro debit card) and use it to make your deposit when visiting a state that currently offers online poker.

You can also of course draw cash out with your Maestro debit card at an ATM and deposit it in person at the cage of the casino or via PayNearMe at 7-Eleven, for example. A variety of other poker payment methods are also available to poker players in the US. Check our US poker sites page for more information:


Can I Use Maestro for a Mobile Poker Deposit?

Yes, Maestro is an easy-to-use option for making a poker deposit via mobile phone. Once logged into your poker account simply navigate to the cashier and tap the "make a deposit" button to start the process.

You'll be prompted to fill in your Maestro card details the same way you would on the desktop or or your laptop. If you're using public wi-fi we recommend you take precautions to secure your card number and your poker account.

Is Maestro Poker Secure?

Very. Mastercard is one of the most reputable financial transaction companies in the world with state-of-the-art fraud protection and encryption services. Should your Maestro card number be compromised in any way you can contact them immediately to cancel the card and number.

If you're using a pre-paid Maestro gift card there is zero risk as the card is for one-time use and the card becomes invalid after the funds have been used.

Will I Get a Poker Bonus Using Maestro?

Yep, absolutely. Poker bonuses are not tied to deposit methods. 

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