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Top Rated UK Poker Rooms

27 June 2008, By:

For example, there's really no reason why you should have to play poker using dollars. Why not stick to the old pound sterling! All UK poker sites naturally offer you this option. You may be able to choose among other European currencies as well.

Your own currency on the table

By playing poker using the same currency as you have in your bank account, you'll go free of the fees and rates involved in exchanging money between currencies each time you want to play poker.

Also, when playing with pounds on one of the UK poker rooms, you won't have to keep translating the dollar amounts that you win and lose back into your own currency to get a feel for them.

Recommended UK poker sites

Below are the UK poker sites that we would recommend you try out in the first line:

  • Betfair Poker
    The Betfair Group was launched in 2000 and today employs more than 1200 people in the UK and other European countries. The company has won a number of awards, including two Queen's Award for Enterprise, in 2003 and 2008. How's that for an obscure off-shore company. Betfair Poker is a shooting star on the online poker market, growing steadily.

  • Ladbrokes Poker
    The company that was to become Ladbrokes started out in bookmaking as long ago as in the mid 1800's, and the company name goes back to 1902. Yes, you're right, that's even before the internet. Ladbrokes has been online since the year 2000, and at this writing employs 14,000 people worldwide. Ladbrokes Poker is a poker site with great tournament offerings.

  • Party Poker
    PartyGaming was founded in 1997 and was listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2005. The PartyGaming Group has around 1,200 employees, located for the greatest part in Gibraltar. Even after withdrawing from the US market in late 2006, Party Poker remains one of the world's biggest poker sites. Read our detailed Party Poker review!

Better to free some more of that brain capacity which you so well need for the more meaningful tasks involved in playing great poker, right!

Tax-free profits mean added pleasure

Speaking of winning; thanks to European Union legislation from 2001 against double taxation, EU citizens who win money in European casinos don't pay taxes on their gaming profits.

This goes for profits from online poker sites as well - as long as they are based within the EU, which the best UK poker sites certainly are, partly for this very reason.

You may want to double-check if this is the case before you win a load of cash on a site!

It should be obvious to anyone who's ever had an income that tax-free money is something to cherish. Free cash down your pocket certainly improves the EV of the whole poker venture. In short, playing on the top UK poker sites gives you plus EV.

Off-shore is a relative notion

Some people talk about "off-shore gambling companies" with a whole deal of suspicion in their voice, US based anti-gambling politicos being in the forefront.

But British and European poker players certainly won't feel intimidated by a company whose stock is traded on the London Stock Exchange, such as Party Poker, or whose offices are located in an old European capital, such as Ladbrokes Poker.

With a European perspective, UK poker rooms have an added credibility for exactly that reason: they are NOT off shore.

Play online poker using your own currency, scoop up tax-free winnings and not least - enjoy poker at the best UK poker sites!

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