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Does your mind drift off to your play on the turn last night while you're at work the next day? Do you wonder what happened at the latest high-stakes cash game in the Czech Republic? Are you always trying to remember the exact number of outs you have with an open-ended straight draw?

We hate to break it to you (not really, but still ...): you might be a Poker Junkie!

about poker junkie

Don't panic. You're not alone. PokerJunkie was one of the first true online poker guides on and has, thanks to its many devoted readers, grown to become one of the staples of the online poker world.

The online poker industry has changed substantially over the past 15 years but we're still here delivering helpful poker strategy articles, in-depth guides to poker around the world and much more valuable, easy-to-use online poker content.

Thousands of global Poker Junkies visit us daily to find honest and original online poker content and share it among like-minded poker fans. We're glad you've joined us!

The PokerJunkie Team

Behind Poker Junkie is a devoted staff of poker enthusiasts that make sure visitors are satisfied and that the site runs smoothly. The Poker Junkie team frequently contributes their poker expertise to strategy articles, rules guides and plenty of other content they feel will help fuel your poker enthusiasms.

If you have a suggestion for a poker article for one of our writers to tackle, feel free to drop us a note in the comment form below! 

The PokerJunkie Experience

Here on Poker Junkie we prioritize poker content for beginners that you can really use. Our extensive online poker site reviews are separated into important categories to shorten your search time and help you zone in quickly on just what kind of poker site is right for you.

We've got toplists for:

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For beginners just getting their feet wet in the wider online poker world we've provided a wide range of easy-to-use poker content to help you better understand the rules and strategy of a number of different poker variations. Just a few examples:

Hover over the "Improve Your Game" and "Poker Rules" tabs above to see more. Otherwise, feel free to drop us a line in the form below to let us know you're a fellow Poker Junkie!

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