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paysafecard Poker | Play Poker with paysafecard

1 October 2018, By:
Need a simple, fast and secure means of deposit to your online poker account that's as easy as using a prepaid mobile phone card? That's the paysafecard, which gives you a couple of dead simple options for your poker-playing needs including a paysafecard pre-paid Mastercard accepted in over 120 countries.

Dating all the way back to the year 2000, paysafecard originally was only available to customers in Austria and Germany but has since expanded to become one of the most popular and trusted means of moving money online in Europe.

Licensed by the British Financial Conduct authority (FCA) and partnered with Mastercard, paysafecard is as secure as they come and a trusted payment method for online poker sites across the continent.

paysafecard is now available in 46 countries and in over 26 currencies.

Advantages of paysafecard for Poker Deposits

  • Popular and proven online payment method.
  • Privacy is 100% protected (no bank account or credit info ever required)
  • Can use physical, one-off card and balance or use virtual PINs online
  • Money is immediately available for poker play
  • Over 600,000 outlets you can buy a paysafecard in person
  • Can combine PINs and cards to boost deposit amount
  • Wide range of pre-paid amounts
  • Available in 26 currencies
  • Now connected to Mastercard for paysafecard withdrawals
  • Loyalty rewards for using My paysafecard account online

What is a paysafecard?

Once only a physical card you could use paysafecards now come in both pre-paid cards you can buy at sales outlets and in virtual form with 16-digit PINS you can manage entirely online.


If you've ever used a pre-paid mobile phone card you know just how easy the standard paysafecard is to use. All you have to do:

  • Buy a paysafecard at any outlet (over 600,000 locations; available in £10, £25, £50, £25, £100, £125, £150 & £175)
  • Enter the 16-digit PIN to make your poker deposit

That's it. Alternatively, you can also:

  • Create a virtual wallet of paysafecard PINs online
  • Get a pre-paid paysafecard Mastercard that works just like a Mastercard without the credit

How Do I Get a paysafecard?

To get a physical, old school paysafecard just buy one at a sales outlet. You can search online for the closest paysafecard vendor near you by entering your address or town on the "find sales outlets" page on their website.

There are thousands of very common outlets where you can buy a paysafecard. In the UK, for example, you can get them at WH Smith stores. In Canada you can get one at any Canada Post outlet.

To sign up for the my paysafecard online wallet go to You must be at least 18 years old (to get a Classic PIN you can use on a poker site) and have a valid e-mail address and mobile number.

Once you have a My paysafecard account you can begin buying PINs to use online. Add the PIN number to your virtual wallet and you can manage it and any other PIN right from your account.

You can combine multiple PINs for larger transactions but when you pay the oldest PIN is always used first. All your completed transactions can be viewed in in your my paysafecard dashboard

Another nice perk of signing up online for the my paysafecard account: you can also now just use your username and password to pay online (rather than using the 16-digit PIN) and you'll get exclusive rewards with the "my PLUS" loyalty program.

You can also lock down any PIN number in your account if you feel it might be compromised.


How Do I Make a paysafecard Poker Deposit?

The process for making an online poker deposit with a pre-paid paysafecard or paysafecard Mastercard is dead simple. Once you've logged into your poker account just:

  • Get to the cashier and find the "make a deposit" button
  • Scroll down to the paysafecard logo
  • Click and enter your 16-digit PIN code in the proper field
  • Select the full amount of your deposit (obv. within poker site min/max and value of card)
  • Confirm your deposit

Because your paysafecard is pre-paid your money will appear in your poker account instantly. If there is more than a minute or two delay, contact your poker site's customer support to troubleshoot where it might have broken down. 

How Do I Make an paysafecard Withdrawal?

Poker withdrawals are not possible with a standard, store-bought paysafecard but a paysafecard withdrawal is possible if you use the paysafecard Mastercard or the my paysafecard account. It works much like any poker withdrawal:

  • Navigate to the 'Cashier' page when signed in to your poker account
  • Select "Request a Withdrawal"
  • Scroll down to the paysafecard logo and click
  • Pick the registered prepaid paysafecard that you made your deposit with
  • Enter your withdrawal amount and click submit

In general poker sites require you've used a registered card to make poker deposit within the past year to make a withdrawal via that card. Once the poker site begins processing your withdrawal it usually takes around 1-2 business days to see it returned to your card.

Once your withdrawal is back on your card or in your account you can then withdraw it for cash (which will cost you fees) or use it for other purchases online.

Does paysafecard Have a Mobile App?

They do. Download the app via the Google Play store or App store and you can use it on any iOs or Android device. While you'll primarily be using the poker site's app if you're depositing via mobile, the paysafecard app also has some useable features including a map to the closest paysafecard outlet and a QR code you can scan to add the voucher right into your my paysafecard account.

paysafecard poker

Is paysafecard Secure?

Online poker transactions with paysafecard are very safe and secure, both using your computer or via a poker site app. All poker sites use top-line ssl encryption and proper Internent protocols to ensure transactions are never compromised.

Using a paysafecard also ensures the poker site never has any credit card or your bank information on hand so it can never be compromised either. As a standard paysafecard is just like cash, though, you have to take some basic precautions to keep your card and PIN safe. You should:

  • Only enter your paysafecard PIN at an authorized poker site
  • Never give your paysafecard PIN to someone over e-mail or phone

If you suspect your online account is compromised, lock down your PIN cards immediately In the event of suspicious activity in my paysafecard: Immediately have access to it disabled.

Can I Use paysafecard for US Online Poker?

paysafecard isn't currently an option for any US online poker site. Check our USA Online Poker page for more information on US poker sites and US deposit options:

Can I Use paysafecard on 888poker or PokerStars?

Yes, paysafecard is an option for both PokerStars and 888poker. If you'd like to make a larger deposit you can combine up to 10 paysafe PINs to make a deposit on 888poker. It's very important to purchase your paysafecard PINs in the currency you'd like to play in so you avoid paying fees on any currency exchange.

Using paysafecard on 888poker:

  • Minimum deposit is $12/€10/£7
  • Monthly withdrawal limit is £/€/$30,000
  • Paysafecard payouts in 1-3 business days

paysafecard on PokerStars:

  • Deposits up to €100
  • No Paysafecard payouts

paysafecard is currently NOT an option for playing at PokerStars NJ or 888poker/WSOP in New Jersey and Nevada.

How Much are paysafecard Fees?

Using paysafecard for your poker deposits is essentially free. The poker site will waive any fees for using the card. If you buy a paysafecard at a retailer they will likely charge a small fee. You also will pay a small fee for any currency conversions.

Are There Deposit & Withdrawal Limits for paysafecard?

Yes. If you use a standard paysafecard you'll obviously be limited by how big of a card you can buy. The maximum card available in most countries is around $200 or equivalent so that'll be your max deposit unless you buy and use multiple cards. If you use PINs online you can combine balances to deposit more.

Deposit minimums for most poker sites are at least $25 but can be as low as $10. All poker sites also will have daily and weekly withdrawal limits you'll be restricted to.

Can I Get a paysafecard Poker Bonus?

Probably not specifically for using paysafecard. But online poker bonuses are good no matter what deposit method you use. If you have the virtual my paysafecard account you can accrue rewards in your my PLUS account.

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