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entropay Poker | Play Poker with entropay

26 September 2018, By:
entropay's slogan is "speed pays" so it's likely no surprise to hear it's the fastest online payment processor. If you need the "specs" on it, entropay says it transfers 2880x faster than a bank transfer and 8660x faster than other apps.

So if you want to move money fast, entropay might be your optimal choice.

For an online poker player, speed may not be the ultimate factor but entropay also matches up with a lot of other pre-requisites for a payment processor including security, ease and efficiency, which makes it another great choice for getting money on and off your online poker account.

What is entropay?

In essence, entropay is a pre-paid Visa or Mastercard card. You can load it up with funds online and then transfer those funds to your online poker account.

You can have your entropay card in multiple currencies (€, £ and $ USD) and use it to shop online in over 120 countries where Visa and Mastercard are accepted. It's always free to make an entropay card and to use it to deposit into your online poker account.

You can create a single entropay card for one-time use or you can reload the same card and use it again. You can also create up to 10 different entropay cards at a time and have an unlimited amount of cards over the lifetime of your account.

Biggest Advantages of entropay Poker

  • Completely free to create up to 10 cards and free to deposit into your poker account
  • Deposit balance will be available for poker play immediately
  • Accepted anywhere VISA or Mastercard is accepted (over 120 countries)
  • Can be used as one-time disposable cards or repeatedly reloaded with new funds
  • Personal credit or bank information never required to make a poker deposit
  • Can set up individual card limits to control total spending
  • Low fees for topping up balances (under 1%)

How Can I Get an entropay Card?

Registering for an entropay card (or multiple entropay cards) is a very quick and simple process. As entropay cards are pre-paid cards you will not be subjected to any kind of credit check or required to provide any banking details.

entropay poker

All you need to do is fill in the minimal information required, create your password and your entropay account will be activated via the email you submit.

You can then create each of your up to 10 individual cards in the three different currencies available.

How Can I Fund My entropay Card?

Funding your entropay card is also very easy. You'll have a number of different options including a bank transfer, a local debit card or a major credit card. All of your virtual cards will be visible on your screen and you can pick which specific card (with its 16-digit number and 3-digit CVV number) to load.

Once you pick your preferred method you will need to confirm of course those accounts or cards belong to you but the confirmation process is also fairly quick.

Once your card is funded you'll be able to use it to transfer money into your poker account. You are not required to use all of the funds on your card at one time. Once you've funded a card you can choose to delete it entirely or keep it open to re-fund again in the future.

A quick point: You will not be mailed an actual, physical entropay card. All of your cards exist only online and will never be physically generated. 

Where Can I Play entropay Poker?

entropay has proven itself over many years to be one of the most cost-effective, secure and efficient means of funding an online poker account.

It's very fast, sure, but the added versatility of using multiple currencies and adding or deleting cards as needed have shown to be very popular with online poker players.

Most poker sites are universally accepting of entropay card deposits and withdrawals and you'll find no delays getting your money into your account. All of the major poker sites on our toplists currently accept entropay in most jurisdictions of the world with the exception of Israel, Turkey and the USA.

You'll find entropay as an option in your cashier to use on:

Is entropay Poker Safe and Secure?

entropay visa

Absolutely. In fact entropay transfers are doubly secure as not only are they protected by proper online transaction protocols but should one of your card numbers be compromised it can be immediately deleted online.

Deleting and creating new cards is virtually instant so there is never the need to keep a card active. Once it has been connected to your online poker account you can keep it active, however, to use for more deposits or withdrawals.

How Do You Make an entropay Poker Deposit?

Once you have an entropay card (or cards) loaded with funds it is free to be used to deposit to your poker account. The steps are simple:

  • Log in to your online poker account
  • Navigate to the cashier page or click a "make a deposit" button
  • Find the entropay logo in the drop down menu
  • Click through to the entropay deposit page
  • Follow the procedure to enter your card number and security number
  • Confirm your deposit amount

As entropay cards are pre-paid the funds will be immediately transferred and arrive in your account, ready to use for play, within minutes. If they don't appear in your account immediately, contact the site's customer support via live chat to see would the hold-up might be.

If don't have an entropay account or card yet you can still go through the process and create your entropay account through the forms linked to through your deposit page.

Can I Make Withdrawals via entropay?

Yes, withdrawals are possible via entropay, typically if you've made a deposit via that entropay card within the previous 6-12 months. Each poker site will have their own terms for withdrawals.

The process for making an entropay withdrawal is a little more involved than a deposit but still works quickly and smoothly.

  • From the cashier in your poker client click the "Request a Withdrawal" button to initiate the process
  • Select entropay
  • Pick the entropay card you'd like to withdraw to (remember it should be the same card you made an initial deposit with)
  • Enter the amount you'd like to withdraw

All poker site withdrawals are processed through an internal poker site review which can take 1-3 business days. When your withdrawal is processed you will receive a confirmation email and transaction ID.

No fee is charged for either deposits or withdrawals but withdrawing funds from your entropay card to your bank account will have a small fee. As entropay cards are acceptable anywhere Visa and Mastercards are accepted you can also use your funds elsewhere online. 

entropay pokerstars

Can I Use entropay to Deposit and Withdraw on PokerStars?

Yes, PokerStars platforms outside of the United States, Israel and Turkey all offer entropay as a deposit and withdrawal method.

You will not pay any fees to PokerStars for your withdrawal but you will pay a fee should you choose to withdraw that money from your entropay account to your bank account. If you choose to use your entropay balance for purchases at other online merchants (accepted in over 120 countries, wherever Visa and Mastercard are accepted) you will not pay additional fees.

What are the Fees for Using entropay?

Much of your use of your entropay card(s) is entirely free. Creating an account, depositing on a poker site or making a withdrawal are all free. Sending or receiving transfer to your entropay wallet are also free. Where you will pays fees are to fund your account initially, top up your account (1% fee) and withdraw funds back to your bank account (from €1.50-7 depending on your account).

Can I Use entropay to Play Poker in the United States?

Right now, no. entropay is not currently a viable payment method for US poker sites licensed in New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware or Pennsylvania.

Can I Get an entropay Poker Bonus?

Poker bonuses aren't typically tied to deposit methods but no matter which method you choose you'll be eligible for your bonus as long as you enter any required bonus codes and meet any play-through requirements. entropay has in the past offered specific poker bonuses to players who make a deposit using their payment system but you'll have to check with the poker site directly to see if there are any current offers

For a full list of our exclusive poker bonuses, check our toplist page here:

Are There Limits on entropay Poker Deposits and Withdrawals?

Each poker site has its own requirements for minimum deposits and withdrawals. Check with each site for its specifics. entropay will also let you set particular limits for each of your cards.

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