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Americans Continue to Wait for Full Tilt Poker Refunds

2 July 2013 , By: compncards
Americans Waiting
Back in March, the United States Department of Justice announced that the Garden City Group (GCG) would be utilized to process remission claims for former American players at Full Tilt Poker. At that time, the website FullTiltPokerClaims. com was setup and players were urged to register for further updates. More than 3 1/2 months have passed with very little information coming from the company in terms of when the process will begin and if an article at PokerUpdate.
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Poker Will Survive Without Online Poker Sponsorships

1 25 July 2012 , By: compncards
Darvin Moon Sponsorship 389x300
The topic of online sponsorship in the poker world has been a hot one as of late due to the difficulty of many top pros in acquiring online poker sponsorships post Black Friday. There are some, like Josh Arieh, who have come out and said that many poker events cannot be sustained at current levels because the money is not being poured in from online sites like PokerStars and other. Arieh actually "retired" at the end of the 2012 WSOP because the money was not there to be made in poker. From listening to some talk, you would think online poker sponsorship losses are precursors to doom in the game.
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WSOP Ends and Players Still Wait on Full Tilt Funds

18 July 2012 , By: compncards
Time Running OUt 225x300
Back in early May, the following is what many were expecting to be the topics of discussion come July 17th: The Octo-Nine Full Tilt owned by PokerStars and players receiving their Full Tilt funds The latest "rumored national online poker bill".
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Uses for Your Full Tilt Installation CD's

25 May 2012 , By: compncards
Skeet Shooting 405x300
Earlier today, I was looking for a small mirror and wound up grabbing an old Full Tilt installation cd.   Probably the first time I have ever used it for any purpose whatsoever. It got me to thinking about the millions of disks around the world that are now just collecting dust.   There has got to be something more to do with them than just junk them right?  Here are some ideas.
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The Micros Reimaged as a Web Cartoon Strip

17 May 2012 , By: compncards
Micros Web Comic 430x288
It appears that The Micros has decided to abandon the concept of online web series in lieu of a web comic series. I won't say that I am shocked by this considering the deteriorating quality of the web series or the fact that they don't have any financial "motivation" to keep a web series running. The great thing about the new comic series is that we should get a regular stream of content for the wildly popular series. In addition, they should be able to crank out quality material without having to shove weeks or months of material in one episode.
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