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What is Cheating on Your Wife Worth? For Tiger, $75 Million

2 7 March 2010 , By: compncards
elin nordegren 275x300
Paddy Power Poker recently offered Tiger Woods a sponsorship deal in the amount of $75 Million.   It was a five year deal worth $15 per year.   Woods actually turned down the deal from Paddy Power, prompting TMZ to state “Tiger Woods just blew off a $75 million endorsement offer from an Irish gambling company – and that is how you know you’re rich. ” Cheat on your wife - get offered $75 in endorsements.
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Some Online Players Go Both Ways

1 March 2010 , By: compncards
Cyndy 198x300
Tonight, I was railing Sunday Night HORSE on Full Tilt like I always do every Sunday night. (I write up the final table for another site. ) Anyway, Cyndy Violette decided to stop by and wish Ryon "7cardRyoff" Nicholson good luck at the final table. Another player at the final table, davidmfio, decided that he would take the chance to try and get her number.
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Isildur1 Fears the Min-Raise

1 25 February 2010 , By: compncards
Ashton Griffin 235x300
Allen Kessler twittered that Isildur1 was playing low stakes at Full Tilt. (Which apparently means $50 - $100 NL. ) Anyway, I went over to see who he was playing and I clicked on the two tables that he and Ashton Griffin were playing on. Well, they were there, but Isildur1 wasn't playing.
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Full Tilt Playing With Pandora's Box?

19 February 2010 , By: compncards
chris ferguson 01 200x300
The big story over the last few days is the fact that it appears that Full Tilt Poker has decided to enact a ban of any events that are being held by PokerStars, more specifically the NAPT (North American Poker Tour). A recent charity event in Vegas was also snubbed by Full Tilt and their red pros. The fact that Full Tilt is telling their players not to play a PokerStars event does not concern me as much as it does other. If Full Tilt does not want it’s players playing on the NAPT, that hurt them and potentially their pros.
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Tournament Strategy Misunderstood

15 February 2010 , By: Charlie River
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It's one of the most widespread misunderstandings in poker: In a poker tournament[[sitetree_link,id=12]] you must avoid losing all your chips at any price since you cannot reach into your pocket and buy more chips. ” You hear this all the time, but I have a feeling it’s based on a big misunderstanding. In *Tournament Poker for Advanced Players*, David Sklansky tells us exactly when we should pass up a +EV situation in order to avoid busting out of the tournament. According to Sklansky, you should *(1)* avoid CLOSE GAMBLES if *(2)* you’re CLEARLY ONE OF THE BEST PLAYERS IN THE TOURNAMENT.
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