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All WSOP Final Hands Videos and Comments

12 November 2009, By:

If you do not have time to scroll through all 24 video clips below, we have assembled a playlist for on YouTube to your convenience. Video playlist - Final Hands of WSOP Main Event 1987-2009.

2009: Joe Cada

First Prize: $8,547,042
Joe Cada: 9c - 9d
Darvin Moon: Qd - Jd
Bad Beat Factor: 48%

2008: Peter Eastgate

First Prize: $9,152,416
Peter Eastgate: Ad - 5s
Ivan Demidov: 3h - 2h
Bad Beat Factor: 37%

2007: Jerry Yang

First Prize: $8,250,000
Jamie Gold: 8d - 8c
Paul Wasicka: Ad - Qd
Bad Beat Factor: 47%

2006: Jamie Gold

First Prize: $12,000,000
Jamie Gold: Qs - 9s
Paul Wasicka: Ts - Th
Bad Beat Factor: 68%

2005: Joe Hachem

First Prize: $7,500,000
Joe Hachem: 7s - 3s
Steve Dannemann: Ad - 3c
Bad Beat Factor: 68%

2004: Greg Raymer

First Prize: $5,000,000
Greg Raymer: 8s - 8d
David Williams: Ah - 4s
Bad Beat Factor: 30%

2003: Chris Moneymaker

First Prize: $2,500,000
Chris Moneymaker: 5d - 4s
Sam Farha: Jh - Td
Bad Beat Factor: 63%

2002 : Robert Varkonyi

First Prize: $2,000,000
Robert Varkonyi: Qd - Ts
Julian Gardner: Jc - 8c
Bad Beat Factor: 39%

2001:  Carlos Mortensen

First Prize: $1,500,000
Carlos Mortensen: Kc - Qc
Dewey Tomko: As - Ah
Bad Beat Factor: 82%

2000: Chris Ferguson

First Prize: $1,500,000
Chris Ferguson: As - 9c
Dewey Tomko: Ad - Qc
Bad Beat Factor: 71%

1999: J. J. "Noel" Furlong

First Prize: $1,000,000
J. J. "Noel" Furlong: 5h - 5c
Alan Goehring: 6s - 6c
Bad Beat Factor: 80%

1998: Scotty Nguyen

First Prize: $1,000,000
Scotty Nguyen: Jd - 9c
Kevin McBride: Qh - Th
Bad Beat Factor: 66%

1997: Stu Ungar

First Prize: $1,000,000
Stu Ungar: Ah - 4c
John Strzemp: As - 8c
Bad Beat Factor: 75%

1996: Huck Seed

First Prize: $1,000,000
Huck Seed: 9d - 8d
Bruce van Horn: Kc - 8c
Bad Beat Factor: 65%

Final hand: Van Horn raised pre flop and Seed called. The flop came 9h-8h4c giving Seed top two pair and van Horn middle pair. Seed bet out, van Horn raised and Seed went all in. After a while van Horn decided to call and soon realized he was big underdog. However, the turn brought him some hope as the Ac gave him a flush draw and a total of 12 outs. The river was a blank 3s and the title went to Huck Seed.

1995: Dan Harrington

First Prize: $1,000,000
Dan Harrington: 9d - 8d
Howard Goldfarb: Ah - 7c
Bad Beat Factor: 53%

1994: Russ Hamilton

First Prize: $1,000,000
Russ Hamilton: Ks - 8h
Howard Goldfarb: 8c - 5h
Bad Beat Factor: 26%

1993: Jim Bechtel

First Prize: $1,000,000
Jim Bechtel: Js - 6s
Glen Cozen: 7d - 4h
Bad Beat Factor: 36%

1992: Hamid Dastmalchi

First Prize: $1,000,000
Hamid Dastmalchi: 8h - 4c
Tom Jacobs: Jd - 7s
Bad Beat Factor: 63%

Final Hand: In the final hand of WSOP 1992, Jacobs was relatively short when the flop Jh-5d-7d hit the table giving Jacobs top two pair and Dastmalchi a gut-shot straight draw. Jacobs made a small bet and Dastmalchi called just to see that miracle 6h appear on the turn. Dastmalchi checked, Jacobs went all-in and Dastmalchi called. The river was a blank and Dastmalchi was crowned the World Series of Poker champion.

1991: Brad Daugherty

First Prize: $1,000,000
Brad Daugherty: Ks - Js
Don Holt: 7h - 3h
Bad Beat Factor: 35%

1990: Mansour Matloubi

First Prize: $895,000
Mansour Matloubi: 6h - 6s
Hans Lund: 4d - 4c
Bad Beat Factor: 18%

1989: Phil Hellmuth

First Prize: $755,000
Phil Hellmuth: 9s - 9c
Johnny Chan: As - 7s
Bad Beat Factor: 32%

1988: Johnny Chan

First Prize: $700,000
Johnny Chan: Jc - 9c
Eric Seidel: Qc - 7h
Bad Beat Factor: 53%

1987: Johnny Chan

First Prize: $625,000
Johnny Chan: As - 9c
Frank Henderson: 4d - 4c
Bad Beat Factor: 54%

1986: Berry Johnston

First Prize: $570,000
Barry Johnston: As - Th
Mike Harthcock: Ad - 8d
Bad Beat Factor: 28%

Final Hand: In 1986, the final hand of the WSOP Main Event was rather straightforward. Harthcock looked down on a suited ace and pushed all in. After pondering the move for quite some time, Johnston made the correct call with a superior ace. The hand held up an Johnston won the title.

1985: Bill Smith

First Prize: $700,000
Bill Smith: 3s - 3h
T.J Cloutier: Ad - 3c
Bad Beat Factor: 32%

Final Hand: Bill Smith was drinking during the whole final table and when they reached heads-up play he had become shitfaced. But that didn't stop him. Perhaps it was the other way around. Smith raised with his threes pre flop and T.J moved all-in. A sober Smith might have folded in this situation but the drunk version called. The flop, 4c-5s-Th, gave T.J a couple of outs but he got to help on turn or river. After that, Bill Smith could start fumbling with the bracelet.

1984: Jack Keller

First Prize: $660,000
Jack Keller: Th - Ts
Byron Wolford: 6h - 4h
Bad Beat Factor: 20%

Final Hand: On the last hand of WSOP 1984, Wolford decided to push all-in with middle pair on the 5d-6s-9c flop. Keller, who sat with an over-pair, called. The 8s on the turn gave Wolford some extra outs but the river was jack and that was also who won the Main Event.

1983: Tom McEvoy

First Prize: $580,000
Tom McEvoy: Qd - Qs
Rod Peate: Kd - Jd
Bad Beat Factor: 32%

1982: Jack Strauss

First Prize: $520,000
Jack Strauss: Ah - Ts
Dewey Tomko: Ad - 4d
Bad Beat Factor: 29%

Final Hand: You have probably heard the expression "a chip and a chair". In fact that was born in the 1982 World Series of Poker Main Event. Earlier in the tournament Jack "Treetop" Strauss pushed what he thought was all his chips into the pot and lost. After the hand he found one 500 chip hidden under a napkin and could carry on playing.

When the tournament got down to two players Strauss was still left. In the final hand, when he was all-in against Tomko, it looked as if the luck was going to turn for Strauss. Although he was far ahead pre-flop, the four on the flop changed the whole situation. The turn was blank. But on the river the dealer peeled off one of the three remaining tens and Strauss completed the greatest comeback in poker history.

1981: Stu Ungar

First Prize: $375,000
Stu Ungar: Ah - Qh
Perry Green: Tc - 9d
Bad Beat Factor: 35%

1980: Stu Ungar

First Prize: $385,000
Stu Ungar: 5s - 4s
Doyle Brunson: Ah - 7s
Bad Beat Factor: 59%

Final Hand: In 1980, the WSOP Main Event heads-up match was played between two of the greatest poker players ever; if not THE greatest. Brunson raised pre-flop and Ungar called with a small suited connector (Brunson style). The flop was the best Brunson could wish for and Ad-7d-2c on the board gave him top two pair. After Ungar had checked, Brunson made a small bet to get Ungar to come along. And so he did. The only problem was that the under-bet gave Ungar the chance to hit his miracle 3h. Ungar bet out right away, Brunson pushed all-in and Ungar obviously called. The river came 2d and Stu Ungar won his first Main Event title.

1979: Hal Fowler

First Prize: $270,000
Hal Fowler: 7s - 6d
Bobby Hoff: Ah - Ac
Bad Beat Factor: 81%

1978: Bobby Baldwin

First Prize: $210,000
Bobby Baldwin: Qd - Qc
Crandall Addington: 9d - 9c
Bad Beat Factor: 18%

Final Hand: It's almost impossible to fold a set, and when you are a 7 to 1 underdog in the Main Event heads up, the chips are without a doubt going in. So when the big chip leader Baldwin holding queens and Addington holding nines saw K-Q-9 on the flop it was all over. The higher set held up and Baldwin was crowned the champion.

1977: Doyle Brunson

First Prize: $340,000
Doyle Brunson: Ts - 2h
Gary Berland: 8h - 5c
Bad Beat Factor: 43%

Final Hand: What are the odds? Once again Doyle Brunson picked up ten-deuce and once again he turned that questionable holding into a winner. This is how it went down the second time: Brunson and Berland saw the flop, Td-8s-5h, giving Brunson top pair and Berland bottom two. For some reason both players checked the flop. The turn came Tc. Bertland now thought it was time to put his foot down and went all in. Brunson called instantly and the Tc on the river turned "Texas Dolly" into a full house.

1976: Doyle Brunson

First Prize: $220,000
Doyle Brunson: Ts - 2s
Jesse Alto: As - Jd
Bad Beat Factor: 65%

Final Hand: When Doyle Brunson looked down at T-2 in the 1976 WSOP he didn't know what this hand would mean to him in the future. That it soon would get his name. It all started with one of the nastiest beats in WSOP history.

Brunson called a quite substantial raise pre-flop and saw the flop: Ah-Js-Th. Bottom pair for Doyle and top two for Jesse Alto. Alto bet out and Brunson called. The 2c turn was a great card for Brunson, or at least he thought so. He went all-in and Alto called. With only four outs going to the river, the dealer peeled off that miracle Td giving Doyle Brunson the 1976 Main Event title.

1975: Sailor Roberts

First Prize: $210,000
Brian "Sailor" Roberts: Jh - Js
Bob Hooks: Jc - 9c
Bad Beat Factor: 15%

Final Hand: On the last hand of WSOP 1975, Bob Hooks made a move on the 7h-6c-2-c Flop Holding Jc-9c. He had over-cards, flush-draw and a couple of backdoors, in other words a good spot to push. However, Roberts wasn't going anywhere with his over-pair so the chips went into the middle. The turn was 9s, the river Th, and Brian "Sailor" Roberts became the champion.

1974: Johnny Moss

First Prize: $160,000
Johnny Moss: 3h - 3s
Crandall Addington: Ac - 2c
Bad Beat Factor: 35%

Final Hand: No information

1973: Walter "Puggy" Pearson

First Prize: $130,000
Walter Pearson: As - 7s
Johnny Moss: Kh - Js
Bad Beat Factor: 40%

Final Hand:
Just before the last hand, Puggy Pearson put his tournament life on risk when he called a big bluff from Moss. There was a possible flush on the board, but Pearson decided to call with his small two pair. A couple of hands later both players received huge draws on the Qs-Ts-3c flop. The chips went into the middle but both the turn and the river were blanks and Puggy Pearson won the WSOP champion title.

1972: "Amarillo Slim" Preston

First Prize: $80,000
"Amarillo Slim" Preston: K - J
Walter "Puggy" Pearson: 6 - 6
Bad Beat Factor: 40%

Final Hand:
No information

1971: Johnny Moss

First Prize: $30,000
Johnny Moss: ?
Walter "Puggy" Pearson: ?

1970: Johnny Moss

Final Hand: The first World Series of Poker was a series of cash games and after the match the champion was awarded by vote. The title went to Johnny Moss.


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