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The Micros Tackle the WSOP Bracelet Ceremony

1 15 June 2012 , By: compncards
Micros WSOP Comic 430x288
We all know that the World Series of Poker has been steadily increasing the number of bracelets they award every year and are about to increase that total even more with the creation of the WSOP-Asia Pacific. The Micros' latest cartoon sums up the insanity of it all in their latest cartoon. I must admit, this one was actually funny.   I want to try 2 to Skip Uno.
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Women Being Told to Piss Off Over WSOP Bathroom Situation

1 30 May 2012 , By: compncards
women bathroom
A little subdrama that has been going on at the 2012 WSOP over the first couple of days has been the bathroom situation. Essentially, what has happened is that the men have more bathrooms than the ladies. On Day 1 both main hallway bathrooms near the Pavilion Room were designated as men's bathrooms and the ladies had to hoof it down to the dealer's entrance in order to use the restroom. On Day 2 it appeared that one of those bathrooms at the dealer's entrance got changed to a men's room and that out of six potential restrooms, women only have two now and none in the tournament area.
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2010 WSOP Main Event Final Update - Meet Your November Nine, Taking a Look Back, and Thanks

2 18 July 2010 , By: compncards
Hello out there all you poker junkies.  Michael has turned the reins back over for my account and I will take you home for this final WSOP update. After 8 days and 7,310 eliminations, we're finally down to our November Nine.  We got to the unofficial final table of 10 after Pascal LeFrancois was eliminated in 11th place.
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WSOP Main Event Day 8 Third Update - More Eliminations, Redraw

1 18 July 2010 , By: compncards
Crowd 200x300
We are still averaging 4 eliminations per level as the first 2 levels saw 8 players go. Will the next two levels bring the same? *Fourth Level* Players came back for the third level of the day with the blinds at 100k/200k and antes of 30k. With 19 players left we were waiting on only one more player to be eliminated before a full-field redraw would happen. *Michiel Sijpkens out in 19th* Sijpkens made a climb up the chip counts briefly before finally plummeting down and then out of the tournament.
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WSOP Main Event Day 8 Second Update - Almonds, More Eliminations, Movers

18 July 2010 , By: compncards
250k chips 307x300
After seeing the elimination of 4 players in the first level of play on Day 8, cards are back in the air for the 2nd level with the blinds at 80k/160k and a 20k ante. *Almonds Anyone?* Coming out of the break the floor introduced the almond chips that are worth T250,000. The next color will be mint, so I guess we will have to stick with the almond name. *More Eliminations* Coming back from the break, in one of the first few hands at the outer table Robert Pisano was eliminated in 23rd place.
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