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Things to Do in Vegas Other Than Play Poker

26 May 2010, By:

While playing poker is fun, there are times that you have to get away from the tables and do something other than play cards.  For the times where you have to get away, here are a few things you could do.

Fremont Street Experience

Early in my poker career, I met Poker Hall of Famer Barbara Enright and when she found out I had not been to Vegas yet, the first thing she told me was "Go see the Fremont Street Experience."  The Fremont Street Experience is essentially a light and music show.  It plays every night, every hour on the hour, on the roof covering Fremont between the downtown casinos.  While the experience is the main draw for tourist, there are also street vendors, live music, and of course the casinos.

Hoover Dam

If you are a fan of history and modern marvels, then you should go check out Hoover Dam.  The dam is the main source of power for the Las Vegas area and is quite a site to behold.  Tours of the dam are regularly run and the view is magnificent.  Of note, you will go through Federal checkpoints going to the dam, so if you have anything like a camper trailer, etc, expect to be searched.  For you 4:20 fans, that means leave it at home.

Vegas Shows

Do you like live entertainment?  If so, then Las Vegas is definitely the place for you.  Whether you like comedy, dance, music, or variety acts, you can find them in Las Vegas.  Phantom is one of the longest and most popular shows on the Vegas strip.  You can also find entertainers such as Rita Rudner, George Wallace, Carrot Top (Yes, this is where Carrot Top went), Frank Caliendo, and Terry Fator.  The Excalibur also offers a Tournament of Kings show that is a dinner show featuring a live jousting tournament.  Yes, as in knights on horses with lances.

Movie Night

While this might sound a little mundane compared to the rest of Vegas, there are several high quality movie theatres in the area.  The Orleans Casino has a massive theatre that is adjacent to an arcade for the kids.  If it is out, you can probably find it at the Orleans.  The South Point casino also has a nice movie theatre that has some of the best in what is currently available at the movies.  The South Point is a bit of a drive if you are staying on the strip so the Orleans may be more to your liking.  In addition to the movie theatre and arcade, the Orleans has a bowling alley and several restaurants, including a T.G.I Fridays and even a Subway.

While many think of Vegas as casinos and night clubs, Vegas does have more to offer for those that want something to do other than play poker.  Now the only thing you have to do is decide where you want to go.  Have fun in Vegas and good luck to you at the tables during the upcoming WSOP.



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