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"The Poker Mindset" by Ian Taylor and Matthew Hilger

25 September 2008, By:

Essential Attitudes for Poker Success

However, if you're still not getting the results you think you should, the problem may be the way you think about the game.

If this is the case, Ian Taylor and Matthew Hilger can help.

Thinking Like a Poker Player

Hilger and Taylor are quick to point out that poker is not played by robots. Even players who play mechanically at poker sites have emotions and ideas that they must address during a poker game. In The Poker Mindset: Essential Attitudes for Poker Success, Taylor and Hilger help their readers do just that.

Essential Poker Attitudes

The Poker Mindset is designed to help players overcome their emotional obstacles so that they can become more successful at the tables. The book goes into a detailed analysis of poker psychology, poker conceptions and the all-important tilt.

Tilt can be the ruin of a poker player, and The Poker Mindset understandably devotes considerable space to dealing with tilt. It also talks about dealing with the inevitable downswings that come over the course of a poker career and how to overcome the psychological impact of the bad beat.

Improving with the Poker Mindset

This book will not teach you anything new about direct poker strategy. It may, however, teach you how to think about the game differently. If you know all the moves, understand the math, have the experience and are still not getting the results you want, this change of mindset just might make all the difference.

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