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Unique Features at Texas Holdem Poker Sites

26 May 2010, By:
Isn't the game itself enough to entertain us anymore? I guess not. Poker sites have added inventive features to spice up the Hold'em action.

There was a time when the opportunity to play online Texas Hold'em was enough to bring hundreds of thousands of players to the poker sites.

Today, when there are a huge number of poker clients to choose from, online-poker developers have to create games that stand out in the crowd.

Here we will go through some of the more inventive Hold'em poker site features.

Seven-Deuce at

If you've played big cash games or watched televised poker games such as High Stakes Poker, you know that the big pros love to make all kinds of side bets.

The most popular one is the Seven-Deuce.

It works like this: if someone wins a hand with 7-2, which is the worst starting hand in Hold'em, all other players must pay him a fixed amount, say, $1,000.

This game is now introduced at some of's cash-game tables. When you sit down in one of these games you automatically add two big blinds to a side pot.

The first one to win a hand with 7-2 takes it down.

Rush Poker at Full Tilt

Rush Poker is the action junkie's paradise. In these games you don't have to wait for a new hand. As soon as you've folded, you instantly get a new one.

All players who play Rush Poker sit at the same tables. As soon has someone folds, or even ticks the fold-in-turn button, he is transferred to a new table with new opponents where he can play a new hand right away.

If you're on tilt, this could obviously be a disaster. If you can keep your composure, however, Full Tilt's Rush Poker is a very interesting game form.

Sniper Tournaments at Absolute Poker

At Absolute Poker, some of the tournaments include bounties on every participant. When you join one of these so-called Sniper Tournaments, a percentage of your buy-in becomes your bounty.

If you knock someone out, you instantly receive the price on his head regardless of whether you finish in the money or not.

Remember though, the majority of the money in these tournament is still in the "regular" prize pool.

In consequence, your game plan shouldn't differ that much from your normal strategy. See the bounties as added money if you happen to eliminate another player and not your primary goal.

More Hold'em Site Features

For more unique Texas Hold'em variations, study our best Texas Holdem website toplist. There you'll find in-depth reviews of the biggest Hold'em sites online with information about each site's specialties.

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