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Reading Trail for Poker Beginners

12 November 2008, By:
Starting up in online poker has never been this easy. Follow our start-up guide and you'll be an experienced poker player in no time.
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Follow this guide and you'll learn the important things in the right order.

Of course, you can skip parts that you already master. If you know the rules, you don't have to go through them again!

Good luck, and have fun!


Learn the rules of poker

The obvious starting point, of course.



Practice poker with play money

As soon as you know the rules, you should get busy playing. Nothing can teach you poker better than experience. It's smart, though, to start playing play money poker. Save your money until you've made the most obvious mistakes.


Learn basic poker strategy

Read articles on basic strategy while you keep playing free poker. As you read along, you'll recognize situations from your own games. No better way of learning.


Play low stakes with real money

When you feel comfortable at the play money tables and want to enter the real thing, our advice is to start out low. Deposit the minimum amount and start playing at the lowest stakes. You'll see that the excitement increases when there's cash involved.


Learn more

Welcome to the rest of your life as a poker player! From here on it never ends. There's so much to learn, and so much to read.

Poker has a life long learning curve. Enjoy!

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