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Cantu Gave Away WSOP Bracelet

2 October 2012, By:
Jonathan Aguiar took down his first bracelet on Monday at the World Series of Poker Europe by winning the €10,450 Mixed Max NL Event.
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Jonathan Aguiar took down his first bracelet on Monday at the World Series of Poker Europe by winning the €10,450 Mixed Max NL Event.

Controversy has erupted since that victory as runner-up Brandon Cantu claims he was robbed by the WSOP of a bracelet due to a day-long delay in the match against his wishes.

He also implies that there's a personal grudge that may have led to multiple rulings going against him.

Not a New Precedent

One of Cantu's main complaints is that the heads-up match was unnecessarily delayed a full day and gave Aguiar plenty of time to rest up, get more information, etc.

He could not understand why they would not allow them to play it out on the next day.

This is not the first time that an event at the WSOP Europe has been delayed in this manner.

Back in 2010, the Heads-up tournament eventually taken down by Gus Hansen was delayed in similar fashion.

Play was halted and subsequently delayed so that the players could play in the Main Event. Neither of those players seemed to mind either.

Cantu Had the Same Advantages

Cantu bemoaned the fact that Aguiar was able to rest and get information on him. He complained that the "internet kid" could go back and get all his data and talk to everyone to get a read on him.

What about you Mr. Cantu? Could you not do the exact same thing if you wanted to? T

he game of poker is no longer just confined to the live arena and there is this thing called technology that is freely available to those that have the ability and the brains to use it.

Failing to Adjust Does Not Constitute Being Robbed

Cantu has contended that he was robbed of a bracelet because of bad rulings at the WSOP.

Rather, one has to wonder if he robbed himself by failing to adjust.

He said that those that don't understand the psychology of the game would not appreciate why he is complaining.

Could it possibly be that he doesn't understand the psychology of the game?

Are we certain that Aguiar's antics were not done at least in part to put Cantu at a psychological disadvantage?

Cantu clearly could be rattled a la Phil Hellmuth and a player like Aguiar could definitely take advantage of that late in a tournament.

Cantu clearly gets tilted when certain rulings don't go his way, so why not continue to do things to tilt him further?

Push the envelope until it starts to cost you the bracelet is how some players would play it, and it would not be shocking if Aguiar did the same.

Cantu could have also done as much to prepare for the match with Aguiar as he claims that Aguiar had the time to do.

If it were me, and I had a heads-up match looming, I would skip the Main Event to prepare.

All About Adjustments

Poker is all about making adjustments and preparing for all scenarios. Things don't always go like we hope and the best players do what they can to overcome them.

Instead of adjusting and preparing, it appears that all he wants to do is complain. The precedent has already been established, he had the same options and resources to prepare, yet he still lost and now feels robbed.

Failing to prepare and adjust your game does not constitute a robbing but rather a donating of the bracelet to Aguiar.

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