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Nightlife in Vegas

28 May 2009, By:
What can you do for fun after the sun goes down in Las Vegas? Here are a few options for the Vegas nightlife.
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Las Vegas is considered Mecca for any serious gambler or poker player.  Whether your preference is to play on the strip or to take in some of the history of downtown Vegas, most of ones days in Vegas are spent at the tables.  However, what can one do for fun after the sun goes down or when the games have dried up.  Here are a few options for some Vegas nightlife.

The Palms

The Palms has three very popular hangouts, one of which is featured in many movies and TV shows based in Vegas.  The ghost bar and lounge is probably the most prominent of the clubs.  This lounge is on top of the palms and has an outdoor area with a fantastic view.  This is the club that you see people dancing on the roof of in movies such as 21.

Las Vegas by night

The other two clubs inside the Palms are Moon and the Playboy Lounge.  Sex, drinking, and gambling is what it's all about at the Playboy Lounge.  You can play roulette, blackjack, video poker, and keno while being serve by fabulous playboy bunny servers.

Moon is one of the popular dance clubs in Las Vegas.  From our Vegas insider, Tuesday seems to be the really big night for Moon.

One great selling point for these clubs is that if you go during the week, you can get into all three for one admission fee.  If you go on the weekend, you will be paying for each club.

Other Clubs

Jet at the Mirage is another great hangout.  Jet offers three different rooms for varying tastes in dance.  The main room is rock, hip hop, and popular dance.  The 2nd room is primarily house music spun by guest DJ's.  The last room offers a mix of music from 80's to rock.  Its best night to go is said to be Monday night.

Other clubs include LAX at the Luxor, which is said to always have good music and crowd.  Risque at Paris has several rooms with varying styles of music.  It also has a lounge room with big couches and even a balcony that faces the Bellagio fountain.

If you are looking for a place that isn't nearly as crowded, well at least by Vegas standards, visit Club X at the top of Mandalay Bay.  It has a long balcony overlooking the strip and the club is all black inside.  Apparently the girl's bathrooms are fabulous.  There is a giant window that overlooks the strip while you are freshening up.

Gentlemen's Club

Of course, many guys could care less about dancing unless it involves a pole.   If that is the case, check out Spearmint Rhino.  The Rhino is one of the premier gentleman's clubs in Las Vegas.  They even offer free limo service for their customers.  The free limo service actually saves you the $30 cover charge normally enforced on all patrons.

So whether you want to get your drink on, your dance on, or just want to others "dance", you have plenty of options in Vegas.


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