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Let There Be Range - High Stakes Poker Book

9 February 2009, By:
The latest poker book "Let There Be Range" costs $1,850 apiece. Expensive? Hey, it's the price of two big blinds.
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img 3763

The latest craze in poker literature is a book by two extremely successful young online poker players,  Tri "SlowHabit" Nguyen and Cole "CTS" South.

The book is called Let There Be Range, which obviously says something about its focus - putting opponents on a range of hands.

The price of $1,850 definitely makes it the most expensive poker book ever. Many could've-been-readers will ask "How the h-ll could a book be worth that much money?"

Of course, they've got a point.

But on the other hand, if you're playing with high stakes, why shouldn't you publish with high stakes as well?

Some very attractive secrets

Players at the lower stakes would probably pay a lot of money to learn one or two important secrets from successful players at the higher stakes.

The table of contents of Let There Be Range contains some really intriguing topics like:

  • Combinatorics
  • Common Low/Mid Stakes Leaks
  • Exploitability
  • Line variations
  • Naked range
  • Polarization in practice

Let There Be Range comes in print as well

Let There Be Range started out as an e-book, but it will soon be available in print as well.

The cover for the printed book was chosen in a design competition in the Two Plus Two poker forum.

A number of exciting book designs came up, and you can see the winner above.

This is how Tri Nguyen presents the book at the publishing site:

"Cole South and I recently wrote a book on how to think about poker. We wrote in a manner we wished someone would have done when we first grind the games.

"We won't hesitate to say it is currently the best poker educational tool in the community. After reading the content, maybe you will realize that perhaps the Party Era hasn't passed by yet."

Let There Be Range not for everyone

All this surely sounds interesting, but to buy a book at $1,850 you probably need to have a very special profile.

You need to be a winning poker player at pretty high stakes already, and you need a strong will to climb even higher.

In the best case, Let There Be Range could then help you advance one or two levels. If you manage that, the investement could be covered pretty quickly.

For low-stakes Texas holdem grinders, it's probably harder to motivate yourself to spend what could very well be the size of a player's complete bankroll.

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