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Kid Mercier On the Way (to WSOP 2038); Perkins Bets Big Again

29 March 2017, By: compncards
Expect Kid Mercier at the 2038 World Series of Poker.

Famous poker couple Jason and Natasha Mercier announced this past week they are expecting their first child - and that it will be a boy.

Meanwhile, Bill Perkins is part of an insane weight prop bet with Jaime and Matt Staples. This is one of those bets where people win even if they lose. 

Kid Mercier - Coming to a WSOP Near You in 2038

Last week Jason and Natasha Mercier announced that they are expecting their first child.

The couple made their announcement last Thursday via Twitter but apparently kept the gender of the baby a secret, or at least the secret was kept from Jason.

Jason was hoping for a boy and the pair decided to have a gender announcement via Twitter in the form of a cake. If the inside was pink, it meant a girl. Blue meant it was a boy.

Jason began cutting the cake in eager anticipation and started celebrating when he found out that "Merc #1" is going to be a boy. Natasha sat there and cried happy tears.

The Merciers have been the premier power couple in poker for the last year. Jason proposed to Natasha at the 2016 World Series of Poker and they married later in the year.

How are the couple celebrating the news of their first child? By heading to the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open to play a little poker of course.

Kid Mercier will be arriving later in late 2017 and we predict he'll make his first official appearance at the World Series of Poker in 2038. 

Bill Perkins Makes Insane Prop Bet With Staples Brothers 



Bill Perkins is famous for two things: high stakes poker and prop betting.

He's famously been involved with several in recent years and he's putting up more of his money in a crazy weight prop bet with Jaime and Matt Staples.

According to details revealed on Twitter, Perkins is offering 50:1 odds against the brothers getting to within one pound of each other in body weight within a year.

This bet is an interesting one as Jaime will have to lose a significant amount of weight and his brother will actually have to gain weight to have a shot.

How much weight you ask? According to a Tweet between Jaime Staples and Doug Polk, Jaime weighs around 310 while his brother is just 135 lbs.

To hit the mark Jaime would have to lose between 100 and 110 lbs while Matt would have to gain between 75 and 85 lbs. As Polk pointed out, that's going to be a difficult task to accomplish in a year.

The payout could be huge for the Staples brothers should they pull it off. They have put up $3,000 and could win $150,000 should they pull it off. While this is a lot of money, it is a true "win-win" bet regardless of the outcome.

If Perkins loses, then the Staples brothers dramatically improve their long-term health. Even if Perkins wins, chances are that Jaime will still lose a decent amount of weight and any type of weight loss brings about positive changes in one's health.

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