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Four Simple Ways to Be Healthier

14 February 2012, By:
Those who play poker in a live setting tend to lead a more inactive lifestyle and also usually don't make the best choices in regards to diet.
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Poker's health king Patrik Antonius would approve.

Those who play poker in a live setting tend to lead a more inactive lifestyle and also usually don't make the best choices in regards to diet.

As a result, you see a number of players with weight problems which can lead to other serious health issues.

It's not an easy road back to fitness, but there are some simple steps poker players can take to live a healthier lifestyle and not pack on the pounds while stacking their chips.

Self Park

Many players like the convenience of using valet parking so they don't have to walk from the parking lot to the casino.

However, walking is one of the best exercises that a person can do to lose weight, especially if you are 30 lbs overweight or more.

Many casino's self parking is a decent hike from the casino and offers a great opportunity for players to work off a few calories and strengthen their leg muscles.

As long as you do not have to sacrifice personal safety, self parking can not only burn off a few calories but also save you the cost of valet fees and tips.

Make Better Tableside Dining Choices

One of the hardest things for players to do in a casino is eat right, especially if they are ordering food at the table.

Most casino menu's are limited and do not give you much in the way of healthy choices.

Take time and look over the menu to see what healthier options are available and even ask your server if they have certain options.  Sometimes they will custom order for you per request.

Also, if they will not custom order, check with the cocktail waitress or porter and see if they can pick up some healthier items at a casino restaurant or gift shop.  Be sure to tip them for their service.

Lay Off the Alcohol and Soda

Players love cocktail service and many love to get their drink on.  Of course, getting your drink on means packing on calories.

Consider laying off the alcohol and the soda's while at the table.  Both are packed with empty calories and alcohol does not help your performance at the table.

Even diet sodas are not a great help.  While they are reduced in calories, they will also help to pack on calories.

Stick with water, coffee, unsweetened tea, and other low or no calorie options.

Go for a Walk

As we said before, walking is one of the best forms of exercise.

Consider taking a 15-minute walk break evert two-to-three hours you're at the poker tables.

You can easily incorporate this walk as part of a restroom break and walk to a restroom a good distance from the poker room.

You could also take a lap around the casino or even go to the gift shop to pick up a bottle of water.

While 15 minutes of walking does not seem long, it will help you burn a few extra calories, increase blood flow, and also help give you a break from the poker tables.

In addition to the health benefit you will gain from walking, the break from the table may help you focus, regroup and come back to the table playing your "A game".

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