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Job Opportunities Intrastate Online Poker

19 January 2012, By:
Intrastate poker in the United States is coming soon and momentum is growing each day.
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Intrastate poker in the United States is coming soon and momentum is growing each day.

Nevada will be first in line, and likely followed by California, New Jersey and Iowa.

Importantly, these new US poker sites will provide new job opportunities.

Here are four of those potential opportunities.

Prop Players

One gig that is going to be a necessity in the era of intrastate online poker is going to be online prop players.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, a prop player plays in a game with his or her own money but receives an hourly rate from a casino.

Prop players are going to be needed to keep games going, especially in off-peak hours and smaller markets.

This could be a big gain for certain players who have been unable to latch onto a brick-and-mortar prop gig or an online sponsorship.

Poker Ambassadors

In the scramble to get more players, expect intrastate US poker sites to go the route of hiring poker room ambassadors to try and drive more players to their sites.

Of course, some states may limit the number of sponsored players or even the ability to sponsor a player.

As a result, you will probably see more "poker room ambassadors" crop up with live casinos.

These deals will be similar to those that you see with Jamie Gold with the Tropicana and Maria Ho with WinStar.

They will just happen to "prefer to play online" at their casino's online poker site.

Intrastate Poker TV Programs

We haven't seen this prospect mentioned much, but there is a shot you could see more live TV programs crop up that are connected or sponsored by intrastate poker sites.

For example, a "High Roller Poker" type program could be developed and sponsored by "Vegas MegaPokerSite Online."

Also, do not be shocked if more web-based poker shows crop up, again sponsored by online poker sites.

These shows will need announcers, production crews, content writers for the websites and more to operate the shows.

While we won't see a boom in TV programming like we did after Moneymaker's win in 2003, it could make a small impact in legal markets.

Advertising and Media

A segment of the job market that is largely overlooked outside of those actively participating in it is both advertising and media.

Intrastate poker is going to cause a flurry of new jobs related to both markets.

First, you are going to need advertising for the online sites and companies connected to those sites.

This will put salesmen, website content creators, webmasters and a bevy of other related positions to work to drive traffic and income to the sites.

Next, the new opportunities are going to have an impact on the poker media.

Someone has to cover all the news involved in online poker including the games, general news, industry matters and more.

Many that have been out of work may start to find new opportunities and others may find chances to break in to a field that has seen shrinkage in recent years.

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