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Feature Articles

Every now and then we publish feature articles here on Poker Junkie that don't fit into any one category like poker news or poker strategy. They can be anything from an interview with a big-name poker pro to a few tips on where to go in Las Vegas to a list of the sickest poker hands this year. There's lots of great stuff to be found though, for sure, so dig around a bit and keep your eyes peeled for new articles as they're posted.

Is Online Poker Legal in the U.S.?

The question of the legality of online poker in the United States is a murky subject, with the United States Department of Justice strongly hinting that it is not and various legal experts strongly stating that it is. Who's right? Who's wrong? Are you breaking the law?

24 June 2005

Shorthanded Tips

Shorthanded poker is a different game then a full 10 player table, you need to be able to adjust your game accordingly and play more hands in order to make a profit or else you'll be eaten by the blinds if you play too tight and your play will be so obvious even when you hit you won't get paid off. Let's look at some hands and situations. 1. ...When you're dealt a small pocket pair (sevens or less)

16 June 2005

Why do people fail at Going Pro?

Recently, there was a simple, yet interesting question posed on RGP... Why do people fail at going pro? Several people jumped into the conversation. According to the posts, the concensus answer seemed to be "they just aren't good enough". It has been said that less than 10% of all poker players are winning over the long haul. In most cases, the reason is because the player is simply not good enough to win, but there are other factors involved as well. Let's take a look at some.

11 June 2005

No Limit Hold 'em Mind Games

No-Limit hold'em ring games require more psychological and bluffing skills than any other popularly played poker game. However, you should only use these tools based on the type of opponent you're playing.

17 May 2005

Sit-and-Go Financial Management Strategy

Choosing the Sit-and-Go (SNG) stakes you play in is strongly governed by three very important factors: Your expectations of win frequency, the average payout for making the money and the size of your bankroll. Each of these are discussed below in a way that will help you select the right stakes, and help your bankroll grow.

6 May 2005

5 Tips to make you a better cash game player

I decided to share some tips about online cash games that are sure to help out your game and help you find all those extra edges that are sitting right in front of you.

6 April 2005

A few tips for live poker

Firstly, not all casinos have poker card rooms, and secondly, they might only have games on certain nights. Before visiting the casino, remember to phone and check if they have a card room and what games they will be playing that night. The last thing you want to do is spend money on a taxi or petrol getting to the casino only to hear the bad news. 10 tips for live poker

30 March 2005