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22 October 2009 , By: compncards
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In just over a week, Pokerpages. com will officially close its doors. The announcement was made earlier in the month, although it did not come as a big surprise. The economy has hit many online poker sites hard, and it is not surprising that one of the big news sites would eventually fail.
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“Lock women in a house for 30 days”

3 21 October 2009 , By: Lady Junkie
A few comments on a blog by The Razz Challenge about women and poker. The blog tries to answer the following question: “Why Aren't There More Women Poker Stars?” It’s a pretty interesting question to be sure, but I must refute some statements in the blog. *“A woman hasn't been at a main event final table since Barbara Enright in 2005”* Maybe you forgot about Annette Obrestad who won the WSOP-E in 2007? *“When I play against a good woman poker player … I don't pay much attention to their game“* Yeah, see that’s a guys’ problem. *“I believe with just a little coaching I could even turn a woman poker player into a great player”* Sure, with you as a coach even a woman could learn poker.

Doyle Wants Eye Candy on High Stakes Poker

20 October 2009 , By: compncards
I woke up today to discover the following tweet from Doyle Brunson: “TexDolly: ok, no Vanessa on High Stakes Poker as a commentator. My votes are Lacey, Shana, or Amanda. Eye candy is always nice :-)” Now before Lady Junkie gets on here writing up a blog about Doyle being a sexist bastard, I wanted to comment on Doyle’s choices. Lacey Jones: I know that I am wired weird, but I do not find Lacey all that uber-hot.
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Negreanu Doesn't Fit in Poker Babe Puzzle

1 19 October 2009 , By: Lady Junkie
The guys at babesinpoker. com elected Negreanu their Poker Babe for September 2009: A bit surprising of course. Also, you may think, a welcome contribution to gender equality, seeing that all previous babes are ladies (less surprisingly. ) But equality goes only skin-deep in this case.

That Room is Dirty!

17 October 2009 , By: compncards
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Whatever happened to poker players going to a casino and playing poker. When did players get to the point where they expect their poker experience to be like that from Television. I have played poker all around the country and there are a lot of players that act like they are beneath many poker rooms. Heaven forbid if the tables are a little worn or if the chips are dirty.
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The World Poker Tour - Hosted By Poker Hall of Famer Mike Sexton

16 October 2009 , By: compncards
mike sexton 273x300
Mike Sexton has been officially announced as the next inductee into the Poker Hall of Fame. Sexton was the only man to receive the needed number of votes necessary to guarantee enshrinement. I could go on about what Mike has done for the game of poker and how deserving he was, but instead, I thought I would share my own Mike Sexton story and some observations that I have picked over the last few years. I first met Mike Sexton at the 2006 World Series of Poker.
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Michele Lewis: Poker is Good for Women

16 October 2009 , By: Lady Junkie
Michele Lewis poker writer.450
Michele Lewis *Why is poker so much fun? ** * *Who is the best poker pro according to you? * *Phil Hellmuth handles large Hold'em fields better than a car** * *Between you and Phil Hellmuth, heads-up, seriously who would win? * Michele-Lewis-Phil-Hellmuth. 450 *Is poker a good endeavor for women to go into? If so, in what ways? * *Why are there so few women in pro poker? * *As a mother, would you encourage your children to play poker? * *Do you think a man would get that question? * *Do you have any tips to all our aspiring poker sisters out there?* Dan Harrington's books are an excellent start for learning the math but read as many books as possible. Don't focus on one book's style of play, take in everything and then develop a style that works for you. Don't believe everything you see on television.

Immigration Explains US Poker Dominance

1 15 October 2009 , By: Charlie River
Poker writer James McManus mentions an interesting theory on the connection between immigration and poker skills. It could explain the US dominance in poker. *In short, the theory goes like this:* People who decide to leave their homeland to go after a better life in unknown territory carry a gene that promotes risk taking, intelligence and decision making. This “migration gene” is what makes these people break up, and it also gives them the upper hand at the poker table.

Vanessa Rousso's Next TV Project NOT High Stakes Poker

15 October 2009 , By: compncards
VanessaRousso 225x300
Vanessa Rousso has squashed the rumors that she will be the female co-host for the next season of High Stakes Poker. That's too bad for several reason. Yes, I am like many men that find her hot. (However, I am not like my blogger friend TassieDevil who would sit with mouth slightly agape while covering her at the WSOP.
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