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Tournament Strategy Misunderstood

15 February 2010 , By: Charlie River
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It's one of the most widespread misunderstandings in poker: In a poker tournament[[sitetree_link,id=12]] you must avoid losing all your chips at any price since you cannot reach into your pocket and buy more chips. ” You hear this all the time, but I have a feeling it’s based on a big misunderstanding. In *Tournament Poker for Advanced Players*, David Sklansky tells us exactly when we should pass up a +EV situation in order to avoid busting out of the tournament. According to Sklansky, you should *(1)* avoid CLOSE GAMBLES if *(2)* you’re CLEARLY ONE OF THE BEST PLAYERS IN THE TOURNAMENT.

Poker Maven Awards to Women in Poker

15 February 2010 , By: Lady Junkie
*Woman Poker Player Magazine announces the Poker Maven Awards. The purpose is to recognize women who have made contributions to women in poker. * Fifteen categories of poker women What female player is the best role model for women in poker? Name the poker room or casino employee that has excelled in encouraging women or promoting the growth of women in encouraging women or promoting the growth of women in poker. Most female friendly online poker room? Most female friendly live poker room? Tournament series that has the best structure for women? Best ladies only poker tournament? Most appealing poker marketing campaign for women put on by a poker venue, casino, or poker room? Most encouraging mixed gender poker forum or portal? Best poker blogger or author? Top story, article or column about women and poker? Most humanitarian woman in the poker industry? Most notable performance by a female poker player? Top female media personality for poker related news, radio or television? Most notable up and coming female player of 2009? Name the outstanding female professional poker player of 2009.

Clonie Gowen Lawsuit Dismissed and Full Flush Acting the Fool

3 13 February 2010 , By: compncards
clonie gowen 2
It looks like the lawsuit filed by Clonie Gowen against Full Tilt Poker has been dismissed. A couple of different sites are reporting that a motion to dismiss was filed by the group of defendants on February 10th and that motion has been granted. Gowen had been seeking $40 Million in damages after claiming that she was promised 1% of the company as part of a sponsorship deal. What can we take away from this folks? Get everything in writing.
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Stout Makes Another Tunica Final Table and Isildur1 Still Losing

2 12 February 2010 , By: compncards
matt stout 34031
Pokerjunkie friend Matt "AllInAt420" Stout recently made the final table for the 2nd straight year in the Main Event of the WSOP Circuit event in Tunica, MS. I was on hand in 2009 when he made his final table run and ultimate 3rd place finish. This year, both he and his buddy Paul Wasicka (yes, as in 2006 WSOP Main Event runner-up) made the final. Matt didn't quite make it as far as last year, finishing 7th, but Wasicka took down the event for $139,442.

Isildur1 Live in WSOP-E – Brilliant Bluff Going Wrong

1 10 February 2010 , By: Charlie River
*Victor Blom, main contestant to being the person behind the legendary **nosebleed  stakes **nick Isildur1, appears in a clip from the 2009 WSOP-E. * Summary of the hand Victor Blom, 19 year old Swede believed by many to be Isildur1 Hand: K2 Stack: 250,000 Ian Munns, amateur from England Hand: A7 Stack 250,000+ Analysis Lesson.

Bernard Lee Recevies Casino Sponsorship Deal

1 10 February 2010 , By: compncards
Foxwoods Casino has signed a "celebrity" poker pro to serve as their official poker ambassador. Who did they choose? Bernard Lee. What? Are you serious? Out of all the poker pros that are out there that could be signed to a sponsorship deal, they pick him? Don't get me wrong, Lee has done well for himself since finishing 13th in the 2005 WSOP, but in the last year or more he hasn't really done much of anything. It seems to me that there are a lot of other players that deserve a shot a casino sponsorship over him.
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Top 10: Hottest Babes in Poker

18 9 February 2010 , By: Charlie River
lacey jones
Meet the prettiest women who at the same time are able to play a really tough game of poker. Such a list can never be complete; there's just too many handsome and competent women out there. Nevertheless, here'€™s my attempt in the Poker Babes genre (partly as a comment to Lady Junkie'€™s list of The Biggest Boobs in Poker lol. ) 10.

Saints Win and M*A*S*H Record Falls

9 February 2010 , By: compncards
Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints for their winning the Super Bowl. Indianapolis played horribly the 2nd half and the Saints took advantage. On my Facebook, I stated that Tracy Porter is New Orleans' version of Kirk Gibson. I actually saw both the Porter return and the Gibson home run.
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High Ho - High Ho - Off With Your Money Ho Goes

5 February 2010 , By: compncards
So there is now a poker coaching scandal involving former Stoxpoker. com instructor Jason Ho. Ho is supposedly one of a long line of internet kids that has claimed to have made over a Million online in 2008 and has been hiring himself out as a coach. Now it looks like that most of what he has been doing is a total scam and that there isn’t even any proof that he has won that kind of money online.
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