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Field Testing the Chutzpah Monitor

1 9 March 2010 , By: foldsworth
chutzpa hat
Although it hasn’t been manufactured on a commercial scale as of yet, you may have heard of it through the grapevine; the revolutionary device called the Chutzpah Monitor. It is a device similar to a gaydar that measures the subject’s alpha brainwaves to determine his exact amount of chutzpah at any given moment. We know that the average amount of chutzpah has increased dramatically among poker players (and perhaps society at large) during the last few years, but attempts at gauging a reasonably accurate amount in individuals have not been successful. However, I have now put together a device that uses very specific electroencephalography that measures neural electron migrations at a molecular level and translates it into an accurate chutzpah reading.

Duke Headsup Champion – Women Rule

8 March 2010 , By: Lady Junkie
annie duke.6018
*Annie Duke won the national Headsup Championships after defeating a number of guys. The guys weren’t even good looking. * * *Someone please give me a little resistance* * Darvin Moon Paul Wasicka Jerry Yang Dennis Phillips Erik Seidel 1 Annie Duke $500,000 2 Erik Seidel $250,000 3 Dennis Phillips $125,000 4 Scotty Nguyen $125,000 5 Jerry Yang $75,000 6 Peter Eastgate $75,000 7 Doyle Brunson $75,000 8 Jason Mercier $75,000 9 Paul Wasicka $25,000 10 Barry Greenstein $25,000 11 Annette Obrestad $25,000 12 Eli Elezra $25,000 13 Phil Laak $25,000 14 Gabe Kaplan $25,000 15 Jamie Gold $25,000 16 Chris Moneymaker $25,000.

My Heroes: Poker Sites without Casino

3 8 March 2010 , By: Charlie River
*Poker sites that don’t offer casino are my heroes. Here’s why. * *Casino games are a fine and greedy kind of robbery* *These poker sites are my heroes in this sordid world. * Poker Stars Full Tilt Poker.

Real Action at the EPT Berlin

1 7 March 2010 , By: Melissa Castello
Poker can be pretty boring from an outsiders point of view, but that's not the case today!! Some real action occurred at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Berlin when six men stormed the hotel and robbed the PokerStars EPT of over €800,000 (that's almost the amount guaranteed to first place)! You can watch the what the robbery looked like from the tournament floor as the live coverage from PokerStars TV caught the action. [youtube]http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=QFn3XxRWcO0[/youtube] All poker media outlets have been reporting on it and my favorite so far is Pokernews turning CNN.
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What is Cheating on Your Wife Worth? For Tiger, $75 Million

2 7 March 2010 , By: compncards
elin nordegren 275x300
Paddy Power Poker recently offered Tiger Woods a sponsorship deal in the amount of $75 Million.   It was a five year deal worth $15 per year.   Woods actually turned down the deal from Paddy Power, prompting TMZ to state “Tiger Woods just blew off a $75 million endorsement offer from an Irish gambling company – and that is how you know you’re rich. ” Cheat on your wife - get offered $75 in endorsements.
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My Proposed WSOP All-Star Game Selections

5 March 2010 , By: compncards
WSOP All Star 300x300
The official over at the World Series of Poker have been hinting over the last couple of days that there might be an All-Star event at this year's WSOP. Last year we had the Champions Invitational where any living WSOP Main Event winner could participate. This year, the WSOP is asking fans for a list of 20 players to round out an All-Star field. I decided that I would give my 20 picks and my criteria for selection.
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Erick and Erica Sittin' in a Tree

4 March 2010 , By: compncards
Erick 222x300
So if anyone follows, or even cares, about relationships in poker, then you know that David Benyamine and Erica Schoenberg split up sometime around the end of last year. No details have been given about the breakup, but such occurrences are not uncommon in poker. It now appears that Erica has moved on to someone else, and it just so happens that this someone else is another Full Tilt pro. PokerListings first broke the news that Erica is now apparently involved with Erick Lindgren.
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Some Thoughts on Your Mom

2 March 2010 , By: foldsworth
Your Mom Your mom is so ugly; when she joined an ugly contest they said "Sorry, no professionals. " Your mom is so fat, the back of her neck looks like a pack of hotdogs. Your mom is like a race car driver, she burns 20 rubbers a day. Your Mom + Unattractive Your Mom + Obese Your Mom + Promiscuous your-mom.
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