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If I could....

1 19 March 2010 , By: Frank Willburn
AlbertEinstein 150x150
In contests throughout the country, whether they are beauty, scholarship, or any other contest, contestants are often asked the same question.   "If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?"  Usually the contestant gets all mushy and names either mom, dad, grandparent, Jesus, or Gandhi.   Once again on the open road of the Texas Panhandle my mind wandered.   If I could sit down with anyone for poker who would it be?       If I took poker players the list is easy.

Are You a Successful Poker Player?

19 March 2010 , By: compncards
bracelets paulclark
What is a successful poker player? A couple of months back, I was talking with someone who was trying to figure out whether they were a winning player. They went into how many big blinds they had won per hour and how much money they had won and lost in different sessions. They were worried that they were wasting their time with playing poker. My first question is one that I ask anyone that is worried about bankrolls, turning pro, etc.
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Poker Bots: Giving Them a Taste of Their Own Medicine

2 18 March 2010 , By: foldsworth
Poker Bot
At first they were only spotted sporadically in the shadier corners of Macau, but lately they have become common even in Las Vegas. I’m talking, of course, about poker bots – mechanical monsters who roam casinos around the world disguised as ordinary poker players. They can read minds, calculate exact odds and thrive on pain and bad beats. Early poker bots were fairly easy to spot – you could identify them by looking for extra legs and antennas protruding from their armpits.
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Garry Kasparov is Mistaken about Poker

2 18 March 2010 , By: Charlie River
gary kasparov1
In an article on chess and computers for the New York Review of Books, chess super ultra grandmaster Garry Kasparov briefly mentions poker, and shows that he hasn'€™t understood it. The article is a well written and insightful treatment of man’s old dream of building machines that can think like humans. After machine defeated man in chess (something that Kasparov can relate extremely accurately, being the man who was defeated), the efforts of artificial intelligence researchers and computer programmers have turned to other games. Poker being one of the main points of interest for this endeavor at the moment, in the end of the article Kasparov is naturally led to touch upon the subject of poker and poker playing computers.

Isildur1 Has his own Logic

18 March 2010 , By: Charlie River
*Has Isildur1 been staked or not? He seems to give contradicting answers to this question. * [/assets/Uploads/Blog/diagram. jpg]Plain as your nose *PN: * *Isildur1:* *PN: * *Isildur1:* *$50K is not money to Isildur1. *.

Judas Iscariot the Original Poker Brat?

1 17 March 2010 , By: compncards
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*Christ:* *Iscariot: * *Peter (from the rail):* *Iscariot:* *Christ:* *Iscariot: * *Doyle Brunson (from the rail): * *Iscariot:* Iscariot then storms off to talk to one of his buddies: *Iscariot: * *Buddy: * *Iscariot: * *Buddy: * *Iscariot: * *Buddy: * *Iscariot:*.
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HSP6: Gus Hansen Really Bad at Counting

17 March 2010 , By: Charlie River
After Phil Hellmuth left High Stakes Poker in a hurry, Gus Hansen went on joking at his expense. Thing is, Gus fails at counting to ten (30 seconds into the clip): [youtube]http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=4eQl5Zszo9A#[/youtube] Gus Hansen: “Describe Phil Hellmuth in ten words or less.

Phil Hellmuth Meltdown on Video

16 March 2010 , By: Charlie River
hellmuth meltdown.BW
We’ve seen the picture of Phil Hellmuth rolled up in fetus position in his eternal leather jacket after busting from the LAPC final table. We’ve read Tony G’s worries in the open letter to Hellmuth where he tries his best to make him feel a little better about himself. Now it’s on video as well. (Once Phil leaves the room, you can fast forward to 8:40.
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