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WWE Royal Rumble to Kick Off Predictable WrestleMania 31 Season

21 January 2015 , By: compncards
Mania 31 430x272
It is once again WrestleMania season and as is the case every year, we now are looking forward to who will win the Royal Rumble and headline WrestleMania XXXI in the Main Event. There's just one problem. Everything is a little bit too predictable. We all know that wrestling is heavily scripted, etc.
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2015 to Be Another Year of Indecision for Online Poker

14 January 2015 , By: compncards
online poker.350 232x300
Some analysts tried to hype last year as one of tremendous growth for the online poker industry. That growth never came and instead we lost one of the games first legal sites. While some are trying to be optimistic about online poker's chances in 2015, I personally think this will be another year of general indecision and slow movement. Below are my thoughts on some of the major online poker bills being considered.
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Preview Schedule Has Poker World Buzzing about the 2015 WSOP

31 December 2014 , By: compncards
ICYMI, the dates for the 2015 World Series of Poker are out and a preview of the schedule is already available. The two items that have been most talked about since that release is the return of the $10 million Main Event guarantee and the $535 "Colossus" event on the first weekend. Regarding the $10 Million guarantee, there's been a bit of controversy surrounding payouts. Some think that the $10 million for first is a great idea while others would rather see more people paid out or all final table participants receive $1 million.

ReEntry Events Have a Place in Poker But Should Be Limited

19 December 2014 , By: compncards
Giving Away Money 200x300
Are reentry events a good thing or a bad thing? This seems to be the hot topic of the week considering the lack of real poker news this time of year. I've never been a big fan of the reentry concept since they started becoming popular a few years back. I'm more of the purist mindset that a poker tournament, unless it is a rebuy event, should be one entry and you're done. As these events have evolved, my opinion has changed slightly and while I still prefer true freezeouts, reentry events have a place but they should be limited.
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Reid Reveals Online Poker is NOT a Priority

15 December 2014 , By: compncards
Harry Reid
Directly after the mid-term elections, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said that he would be willing to work with Republicans moving forward. Knowing that he will become the Minority Leader come 2015, this was to be expected from Reid. When Reid made this statement, I commented that this would not be good for online poker's chances of being legalized at the federal level anytime soon. I hate to say it.
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Daniel Negreanu's Take Applies to Everyday Life - Not Just Poker

29 November 2014 , By: compncards
Daniel Negreanu wrote a great blog about making his choice to play poker and to gamble. Head over to FullContactPoker. com and read it sometime. His words got me to thinking about the recent decision by Victoria Coren-Mitchell to leave PokerStars because they are now offering casino games.
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Thanksgiving Day Thoughts

27 November 2014 , By: compncards
Happy Thanksgiving 366x300
Today is Thanksgiving Day in the United States and millions of Americans will gather to eat turkey, watch football and spend time with friends and family. Most sites at this point would give quotes or clips from poker pros and what they are thankful for this season but instead I will give you a thought to take throughout the year. Thanksgiving should not something confined to a single holiday. It is something that should be practiced throughout the year.
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Saturday Night Live Pokes Fun at Obama and Immigration Executive Action

24 November 2014 , By: compncards
For those following American politics, the hot topic of the moment is President Obama's Executive Order revolving around immigration reform. While this is not a popular topic with some Americans, it did serve to block RAWA, at least for now. Saturday Night Live poked fun at the President's Executive Action and revived an old childhood favorite in their parody of School House Rock's "Just a Bill. " Excellent work for once.
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Phil Hellmuth is Indeed a Cancer

18 November 2014 , By: compncards
phil hellmuth
The poker world has been in a major uproar recently over comments made by Daniel Colman claiming that Phil Hellmuth is a cancer on society. This is where I normally chime in with my comments either defending or condemning Colman's comments but my research has discovered an interesting fact. Phil Hellmuth is indeed a Cancer. Cancer is the astrological sign for those born from June 22 - July 22.
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