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Ray Bitar Given the Boot as Full Tilt CEO?

7 July 2011 , By: compncards
Bitar 168x300
According to a post on Wicked Chops Poker[http://wickedchopspoker. com/ray-bitar-out-at-full-tilt-alderney-to-unsuspend-license/], Ray Bitar is out at Full Tilt Poker as the CEO and there is a good chance that the Alderney Gambling Control Commission will reinstate Full Tilt Poker's license. If the story from WCP proves to be true, this will be some of the best news since it was announced that Full Tilt Poker is in talks to sell controlling interest in the company. WCP made a great point about any new investor not wanting someone running the company that was indicted by the U.
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2011 WSOP Commentary - Is This Really the End for Doyle ?

1 5 July 2011 , By: compncards
It is very possible we have seen the end of an era in tournament poker. Before the beginning of the 2011 WSOP $50,000 Poker Player's Championship, Doyle Brunson stated the following on Twitter: TexDolly @PokerLawyer *Thanks, you might be watching my last tournament. If I don't play well (up to my standards), I may retire from tournament poker. * Doyle made it to Day 2 of the event, but failed to make Day 3.
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Is Jonathan Epstein the Biggest "Douchebag" in the History of Poker?

2 3 July 2011 , By: compncards
Douchebag 240x300
For those of you not following the $1k Ladies Event at the 2011 WSOP, there is one man remaining in the field. At the time that I start to write this, Jonathan Epstein sits around 7th in chips with 12 players left. He very well may be the first, and ironically the last, man to ever make the Ladies Event final table in the history of the World Series of Poker. Here is the question that many are asking: Is Jonathan Epstein the biggest douchebag in the history of poker? Many would say yes to this.
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Full Tilt Poker In Negotiations to Sell Controlling Interests to European Investors

2 July 2011 , By: compncards
Negotiations 409x300
Remember how a couple of days ago I said that the Full Tilt license revocation could be the first steps to players getting their money back? Now it appears that Full Tilt Poker is in negotiations to sell controlling interest in the company to a European investment group. According to an article in the LA Times, lawyers from Full Tilt told the newspaper that a group of European investors will front the money to pay back U. S. players and in exchange they would get a majority stake in Pocket Kings, Full Tilt's parent company.
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Full Tilt's License Revocation - First Steps or the Final Straw?

30 June 2011 , By: compncards
Juanda Shocked
I got up this morning and one of my clients asked me to write an article based on a link they sent me.  It was not 2011 WSOP related, which was actually a welcome change. In case you are that guy living under the rock in the Geico commercial, the Alderney Gambling Control Commission has temporarily suspended Full Tilt Poker's license[http://www. pokerjunkie.
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6 Reasons I'm Happy I Skipped the 2011 WSOP

28 June 2011 , By: compncards
2011 WSOP Entrance
For the first time since 2006, I am not at the Rio this summer for the 2011 World Series of Poker. I decided to take a year off from the travel, the running around, and all that goes with working and living in Vegas for the summer. At first, I thought I would miss being out there. I have been out there every year I have been associated with either playing semi-professionally or working in the media.
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2011 WSOP Commentary - Has Aggression Killed the Game?

1 19 June 2011 , By: compncards
Aggressive Poker 430x287
Susie Isaacs made an interesting comment in an interview she gave yesterday to PokerNews. She said that she enjoys playing in the Seniors Event at the World Series of Poker because it feels like "old timey poker. " She said that it isn't a bunch of kids going "all-in, all-in, all-in" all the time. That statement got me to thinking about my own poker playing and my playing preferences.
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2011 World Series of Twitter Day 4 - Flashers, Dr. Kevorkian & Nachos

4 June 2011 , By: compncards
Laughing at Flasher
Day 4 of the World Series of Twitter was the Six-Handed Tweet Final Table. You didn't know there was a six-handed event? Well, let's call this the "It's Friday and compncards is ready to get off early" event. Kim Shannon kicks things off in *Seat 6*. She handled the following situation about as creatively as I have heard: kimshannon Some lunatic seriously just flashed me his penis in the park.
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