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Poker Hall of Fame Predictions - Part 1

6 October 2011 , By: compncards
The list of finalists for the Poker Hall of Fame Class of 2011 has been announced. The finalists are as follows: Scotty Nguyen Huck Seed Tom McEvoy Barry Greenstein Jack McClelland Annie Duke John Juanda Linda Johnson Jennifer Harman-Traniello Marcel Luske *Scotty Nguyen* *Prediction* *Huck Seed* *Prediction* *Tom McEvoy* *Prediction* *Barry Greenstein* *Prediction* *Jack McClelland* *Prediction*.
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There is More to Life than Poker

5 October 2011 , By: compncards
Poker Bustouts
One of my followers on Twitter recently revealed that he was not able to successfully hack it as a poker pro. Nothing new. Happens every day. However, what made this person a bit different than many I have encountered over the years is that he chose to truly walk away and take care of his family.
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William Hill Admits to Using Bots in Their Games

4 October 2011 , By: compncards
Poker Bot
A thread was started on TwoPlusTwo forums yesterday concerning whether or not the iPoker skin William Hill employed the usage of bots in their games. One of the users contacted support and support informed them that the site did indeed use bots in their games. The following section of their Terms of Service was quoted: "10. 1.
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Initial Thoughts on Full Tilt Sale

1 1 October 2011 , By: compncards
Bullshit Button 300x300
I got out of bed this afternoon expecting to see a slew of gripe posts about how the AGCC screwed over Full Tilt and people complaining about not being able to get their balances. Instead, I see the following: Full Tilt Sold to Bernie Tapie Group At first I thought it was a joke. Then I read it was legit and that Tapie had even conducted an interview regarding the "Acquisition Agreement. " A few thoughts: 1.
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AGCC Revocation Further Exposes Full Tilt's Crooked Policies

30 September 2011 , By: compncards
Full Tilt Headstone 430x258
The Alderney Gambling Control Commission earlier today announced that they are revoking the online eGaming licenses of Full Tilt Poker, a move that came as little surprise to anyone that looked at the situation realistically. What did surprise me is the fact that Full Tilt seemed to lay down and gave up when it came to the hearing.   Per the AGCC's press release and Determination Notice, once Full Tilt's motion to delay the hearing further was denied, they pretty much packed up their ball and went home. Really?  Your company's future hangs on whether or not your license is revoked and you basically say "screw it, we're outta here?" That tells me two things.
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A Layman's Translation of the Recent Full Tilt Poker Statement

1 26 September 2011 , By: compncards
Ferguson 261x300
Full Tilt Poker released another statement today. In it, they claim they are not a Ponzi scheme. The release is as follows: "Full Tilt Poker is not a Ponzi Scheme "On September 19, 2011, the Department of Justice issued a release stating that Full Tilt Poker was “A Global Ponzi Scheme. ” "While the government has taken issue with the underlying activities of FTP, under any reasonable interpretation, there is no way to characterize the operation of Full Tilt Poker’s virtual online card room as a global Ponzi scheme.
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Full Tilt "Ponzi Scheme" Rantings

23 September 2011 , By: compncards
Howard Chris PPA 430x285
Since the US DOJ released their amended complaint on Tuesday and called Full Tilt a "Ponzi scheme" there has been a ton of outcry, speculation, rumors, interview, etc from all over the poker world. Here are a few tidbits that I have been personally contemplating.   A few I have expressed, and some I have not. First, am I really one of the only people that finds it both ironic and almost hypocritical that the Poker Player's Alliance is being so vocal during all of this.
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Sources Confirm the Release of Information

1 22 September 2011 , By: compncards
Secret Source 158x300
Earlier today, I was contacted by sources that stated that new information will be released by the U. S. Department of Justice. He could not confirm when the exact date would be, but it appears that it will be sometime between September and December of 2011.
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I Actually Agree With Daniel Negreanu

1 22 September 2011 , By: compncards
Last Friday, a video interview was posted of Daniel Negreanu and for the first time in a long time, I actually agree with him on many of the points in the video. [youtube]http://www. youtube. com/watch?v=lzzssr2qDdY[/youtube] If you claim I said that, I will deny it.
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