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Bodog to Offer the Equivalent of TV Poker With Hole Cards

1 16 March 2012 , By: compncards
Bodog 417x300
Bodog now has a feature that allows you to request the hole cards of players at your table 24 hours after a hand is completed. The company decided to do this to address the concerns of players regarding collusion. However, I like the statement that they made regarding the new feature. Bodog said that, "Once all the noise of whining poker 'pros' who could no longer use software allowing access to data on how you play your game against Bodog players died down the only credible complaint was the threat of collusion," Very nice.
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Poker Backers Should Be More Like Auction Hunters

15 March 2012 , By: compncards
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Recently, I have begun to take part in local auctions. At these auctions, I have come across numerous interesting finds and have picked up various antiques and treasures that can either make me a few bucks or will be something I can hold onto to gain future value. Part of my ability to find these items is based on knowledge of the products and then acting according to that knowledge. After attending a few of these auctions, I started trying to make parallels between auctions and poker.
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Bodog Indicted - Are We Surprised?

28 February 2012 , By: compncards
Calvin Ayre 430x293
By now, most of you know that Bodog. com and its founder Calvin Ayre was indicted as well as three other defendants. This indictment didn't really shock or surprise me, or really anyone that has followed online poker's legal battle since last year. The real surprise comes in the fact that it took them 10 months to file this indictment.
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What Was Doyle Thinking?

1 22 February 2012 , By: compncards
Doyle and Howard 430x238
I'd really like to know what Doyle Brunson is thinking. I'm sure that many of you by now have read Doyle's recent Blog post but for those of you that haven't, he essentially says while Howard Lederer and Chris Ferguson made "terrible mistakes," he doesn't hold any ill-will towards them and thinks they should be welcomed back into the poker community. The fact that Doyle comes out supporting his friends doesn't surprise me. The fact he's doing so now during a time where he should almost expect to take major heat for his words does.
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Drew McIlvain Can Only Blame Himself for Chip Dumping Incident

18 February 2012 , By: compncards
Andrew Mcilvain 430x285
Drew McIlvain was recently kicked out of the Tunica WSOP Circuit Main Event for collusion in chip dumping from another player.   An interview with him and WSOP VP of Corporate Communications Seth Palansky is currently featured over at PokerNews. com with McIlvain giving his side of the story and Palansky explaining why they took action. The skinny of the article is as follows: A player suggested dumping his stack to McIlvain McIlvain never said no and continued to talk with him at length about it.
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Jonathan Duhamel's Bracelet Returned - Or Rather What's Left of It

17 February 2012 , By: compncards
Duhamel Bracelet Destroyed 400x300
Well, there is good news and bad news in the Jonathan Duhamel home invasion case. The good news is that his 2010 WSOP Main Event bracelet has been recovered. The bad news is that it looks like this: Here is the shot of the back: My first reaction at seeing this was "Oh, no.   That sucks dude.
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Washington DC Repeals Online Gaming Law - I Told You So

8 February 2012 , By: compncards
I Told You So 430x232
I told you so. On April 14th, 2011, I posted a blog regarding the Lottery Modernization Act of 2010 becoming law in Washington D. C. Shari Gellar of Poker Player Newspaper pointed out that there were still several legal hurdles to clear, but she felt that games would be available in 2012.
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