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Flashback Friday - Scotty Nguyen Wins 1998 WSOP Main Event

10 July 2015 , By: compncards
1998 SCOTTY NGUYEN 172x264
The 2015 World Series of Poker Main Event has just completed Day 2 and the remaining players are beginning to seriously contemplate whether they can become poker's next world champion. In this edition of Flashback Friday, we look back to the 1998 WSOP Main Event and the heads-up match between Scotty Nguyen and Kevin McBride. At the river, the board was 9h-9d-8c-8h-8s and Scotty Nguyen moved all-in. While McBride contemplates what to do, Scotty says the immortal words he's now known for: :You call, it gonna be all over baby.
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Five November Nine Broadcast Observations

11 November 2014 , By: compncards
2014 November Nine 430x286
The first day of the 2014 WSOP November Nine is in the books. A lot of poker was played over the course of 12 hours and tomorrow promises to be another long night. I'm going to reserve commentary on the gameplay and instead give five observations on the November Nine broadcast. Observation #1 - Rails subdued compared to past years Observation #2 - Daniel vs.
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Why Are Angle Shooting Allegations Not Considered Verbal Abuse?

20 June 2014 , By: compncards
Angle Shooter 430x296
In this age of hyper-political correctness, it seems odd that poker is continuing to allow certain allegations go unchallenged and virtually ignored. Lately, there have been a couple of different incidents where players have been accused of angle shooting. The most recent incident involving Brandon Cantu resulted in a physical altercation during a WSOP event. And the worst part about the recent allegation was that it came from a person that was not in a hand.
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WSOP Banner Snafu and Doyle's Still Dead

12 June 2014 , By: compncards
RYAN 430x285
Oh, WSOP banner staff. How we love to make fun of you. In case you haven't heard, there was a small problem with Ryan Riess' WSOP Champion's banner. Can you spot it? That's right folks.
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It Is NOT Time to Ban Howard Lederer and Chris Ferguson From the WSOP

21 March 2014 , By: compncards
BanHammer 430x241
I was listening to Bluff Magazine's "The Rundown" yesterday and they mentioned an article on PokerListings. com written by Lee Davy that asked whether Howard Lederer and Chris Ferguson should be banned from the World Series of Poker. *The WSOP nor Caesars Have Been Harmed* The first, and most relevant point against the banning of Ferguson and Lederer is the fact that both are in good standing with both Caesars and the World Series of Poker. As players, neither have cheated the company nor behaved inappropriately during their play at the WSOP, or at least not at any level that would warrant a ban.
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The Micros Tackle the WSOP Bracelet Ceremony

1 15 June 2012 , By: compncards
Micros WSOP Comic 430x288
We all know that the World Series of Poker has been steadily increasing the number of bracelets they award every year and are about to increase that total even more with the creation of the WSOP-Asia Pacific. The Micros' latest cartoon sums up the insanity of it all in their latest cartoon. I must admit, this one was actually funny.   I want to try 2 to Skip Uno.
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Drew McIlvain Can Only Blame Himself for Chip Dumping Incident

18 February 2012 , By: compncards
Andrew Mcilvain 430x285
Drew McIlvain was recently kicked out of the Tunica WSOP Circuit Main Event for collusion in chip dumping from another player.   An interview with him and WSOP VP of Corporate Communications Seth Palansky is currently featured over at PokerNews. com with McIlvain giving his side of the story and Palansky explaining why they took action. The skinny of the article is as follows: A player suggested dumping his stack to McIlvain McIlvain never said no and continued to talk with him at length about it.
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Norman Chad - What Were You Thinkng?

3 February 2012 , By: compncards
Norman Chad
Before I begin, let me state that I like Norman Chad. While we are not friends, the few times we have either played together or interacted, he has been a good guy. With that said, what the hell were you thinking Norm? We know that your comic bits is part of your overall sportscaster gimmick, but most comedians know when to draw the line. Clearly you don't.
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Fluffy Bunnies Make Windex Shine While Playing Poker

5 August 2011 , By: compncards
Fluffy Bunny 367x300
We are officially in the post-WSOP doldrums. I've been perusing the various sites for news and, as expected, there is your typical mix of relevant poker news and filler. The problem is that there seems to be a lot of filler. The fluffy bunnies are now playing poker it seems.
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