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What's it Like to Win $1 Million in Five Minutes?

1 1 May 2015 , By: compncards
wsop money 300x189
What does it feel like to win $1 million playing poker? Most of us will never know. Many of us will be lucky to hit a five-figure score. A few others reading this may some day hit a six-figure score but a seven figure? Never is the word that will come to most of our minds. Poland's 'bladsonpoker' probably thought the same thing entering Tuesday.
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PokerStars and Caesars Become the New Super Powers of Poker

18 February 2015 , By: compncards
WWF SuperPowers 430x241
If you can't beat them, join into a partnership to take on your biggest enemy. At least that is what has happened between Caesars and PokerStars. In case you missed it, Caesars Entertainment has reversed their opinion regarding PokerStars operating in the United States. Caesars now supports an Amaya-run PokerStars and thinks that the door should be open to them to operate.
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Daniel Negreanu's Take Applies to Everyday Life - Not Just Poker

29 November 2014 , By: compncards
Daniel Negreanu wrote a great blog about making his choice to play poker and to gamble. Head over to FullContactPoker. com and read it sometime. His words got me to thinking about the recent decision by Victoria Coren-Mitchell to leave PokerStars because they are now offering casino games.
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Paying the King's Ransom to Play at PokerStars

30 October 2014 , By: compncards
PokerStars, PokerStars, oh how the industry loves to talk about PokerStars. You would think that PokerStars can be US online poker's savior after reading Steve Ruddock's recent piece. Meanwhile, California Tribes (minus the Morongo) view them as the devil. Love them or hate them, PokerStars is the world's top site and where the majority of the ROW spends a large portion of their online poker dollars.
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PokerStars Double Bubble Events to Pay 50 Percent of Fields

27 August 2014 , By: compncards
Double Bubble 384x300
PokerStars has decided to introduce a new concept at the 2015 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure. Two of their tournaments will pay approximately 50 percent of the field in what they are calling "Double Bubble" tournaments. For example, an event that pays 40 spots will now pay 80 spots. The additional 40 spots will get their buy-in back and continue to play for the money in the top 40 spots.
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PokerStars is a Business - Not a Political Platform

26 August 2014 , By: compncards
Colman Busquet 430x296
PokerStars recently issued a directive stating that players are no longer allowed to wear items at the table that make a political statement. This stemmed from the recent EPT High Roller Event where Daniel Colman wore a "Free Palestine" shirt at the final table and Olivier Busquet wore a "Save Gaza" shirt. Whether the shirts were worn as a political statement or to support the innocent caught up in the conflicts, PokerStars stepped in and said no to future occurrences. This has brought forth a string of post from various media members.
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Amaya Buys PokerStars But Slow Your Roll on US Legalization

16 June 2014 , By: compncards
Amaya purchased PokerStars this week for over $4 billion. I didn't see that one coming. Amaya has made themselves the most powerful online gambling company in the world with the move. Some would make you think that the deal will result in nationwide online poker legalization in short order.
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Flipout Tournaments - Luckbox Poker Variant is Bad Timing

22 March 2014 , By: compncards
Full Tilt
Full Tilt Poker is released a new tournament variant on Wednesday called a Flipout tournament. The way these tournament works is that the entire field goes all-in on the very first hand and the winner are then in the money. For example, in an 81 players SNG, the final table would be reached after the first hand. It is part Kamikaze and part single-table SNG all in one.
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PokerStars Spending $750 Million to Become Virtual Online Poker Monopoly?

1 25 April 2012 , By: compncards
PokerStars Pac Man 389x300
I woke up on Tuesday around Noonish and sat down to my computer to see what the current buzz was regarding the poker world. As some of you know, I do some legal article writing for another site and when I sat down to look at that site's twitter, there were 125 new tweets to read. Immediately I knew something was up and then I see it. "PokerStars Purchases Full Tilt Poker for $750 Million.
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The 20 Most Influential People in Poker - #10 - Viktor "Isildur1" Blom

5 May 2011 , By: compncards
Viktor Blom
Due to the April 15th indictments, I was forced to rethink the rest of the Top 20 Most Influential People in Poker list. In fact, the next player on the list fell about three spots as a result. Back in late 2009, a new player exploded on the scene. In a short amount of time, this player took a staggering $5 million from internet superstar Tom Dwan and instantly made himself a high-stakes legend.
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