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Benger Busts Kassouf in Massive Cooler, Nov. 9 Starts Sunday

25 October 2016, By: compncards
British lawyer William Kassouf has become a poker TV superstar in recent weeks due to his antics at the 2016 World Series of Poker.

The eventual 17th-place finisher finally had his bustout hand aired recently and many feel that "justice" was served by November Niner Griffin Benger.

Speaking of the November Nine, the final table of the Main Event kicks off on Sunday and we will find out on Tuesday who the next World Champion of Poker will be. 

Benger Flips Script, Eliminates Kassouf in Massive Cooler

Whether you love or hate William Kassouf, he has been one of the primary focuses of the ESPN broadcasts since episode 4.

Griffin Benger IMG 8966

Now he is a memory thanks to a massive cooler that resulted in his elimination in 17th place. The showdown would prove classic for more than one reason.

Griffin Benger was dealt pocket aces and raises, followed by a small bit of talk and then a 3-bet by Kassouf. While Benger contemplated his four-bet amount, Kassouf began to turn the screws on Benger and many at home probably expected Benger to shove.

Instead he simply put in a four-bet to 5.6 million. This began a verbal barrage from Kassouf and at one point it seemed that Benger finally had enough and then began verbally assaulting Kassouf in turn.

Benger started off called him an abusive person and a bully and then went on to call him a bad person and to "check his privilege." This appeared to those in attendance as Benger "snapping."

His barrage appeared to "convince" Kassouf to shove, at which Benger insta-called and turned over his aces - like a boss. The look that Kassouf shot him was priceless.

At this point Kassouf tried to talk his way to spiking a king on the board but nothing above a ten would fall. Benger's "blowup" resulted in Kassouf's elimination in 17th place.

Kassouf took home $333k while Benger became a hero to all Kassouf haters around the world. Want to watch the hand in its entirety? Watch the video below:

November Nine Begins Sunday

On Sunday the final table of the 2016 WSOP Main Event kicks off. This year's final table is technically an "OctoNine" because of the Presidential Elections.


Cliff "JohhnyBax" Josephy comes in to the final table with the chip lead and is looking to become a Main Event champion rather than merely backing them.

Josephy famously co-backed Joe Cada back when he won the 2009 Main Event, receiving half of the $8 million prize pool. Joining him is a cast of players with varying experience levels, including noted tournament director Kenny Hallaert.

Griffin Benger was third in chips after knocking out Kassouf but comes into the November Nine 7th in chips. Fernando Pons is the ultimate short stack and is looking to become the first player to go from worst to first at the November Nine final table.

Josephy is looking to become just the third November Nine chip leader to actually win the Main Event. The 2015 Champion, Joe McKeehen, was just the second player ever to pull off that feat.

Action will kick off Sunday Night on ESPN and continue until 4 players are left. Those players will return on Monday on ESPN2 to play to heads-up.

The final two players will battle it out on Tuesday, November 1 for the bracelet and $8 million. Here are the November Nine chip counts:

  • Cliff Josephy - USA - 74,600,000
  • Qui Nguyen - USA - 67,925,000
  • Gordon Vayo - USA - 49,375,000
  • Kenny Hallaert - Belgium - 43,325,000
  • Michael Ruane - USA - 31,600,000
  • Vojtech Ruzicka - Czech Republic - 27,300,000
  • Griffin Benger - Canada - 26,175,000
  • Jerry Wong - USA - 10,175,000
  • Fernando Pons - Spain - 6,150,000

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