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Huck Seed wins 2010 WSOP Tournament of Champions

5 July 2010, By:
The 2010 WSOP Tournament of Champions kicked off on June 27 with 27 players taking their seats to battle in this "All-Star" event for a top prize of $500,000.
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The 2010 WSOP Tournament of Champions kicked off on June 27 with 27 players taking their seats to battle in this "All-Star" event for a top prize of $500,000.

Twenty members of this event were voted in by the fans and two players received sponsors exemptions. Annie Duke, Mike Matusow and Mike Sexton all received automatic entries for being past TOC champions.

The reigning WSOP and WSOPE Main Event champs in Joe Cada and Barry Shulman also received automatic entries.

Here's how the 27 players started on Day 1.

Table 1

Seat 1: Joe Hachem
Seat 2: Doyle Brunson
Seat 3: Howard Lederer
Seat 4: T.J. Cloutier
Seat 5: Bertrand "ElkY" Grospellier
Seat 6: Scotty Nguyen
Seat 7: Annie Duke
Seat 8: Daniel Negreanu
Seat 9: Antonio Esfandiari

Table 2

Seat 1: Huck Seed
Seat 2: Phil Ivey
Seat 3: Jennifer Harman
Seat 4: Joe Cada
Seat 5: Erik Seidel
Seat 6: Chris Ferguson
Seat 7: John Juanda
Seat 8: Johnny Chan
Seat 9: Andrew Barton

Table 3

Seat 1: Mike Matusow
Seat 2: Allen Cunningham
Seat 3: Mike Sexton
Seat 4: Phil Hellmuth
Seat 5: Dan Harrington
Seat 6: Barry Greenstein
Seat 7: Barry Shulman
Seat 8: Sam Farha
Seat 9: Greg Raymer

Originally, play was supposed to go to the final table on Day 1, but officials decided to only play four levels in this event. As such 22 players returned the next day. That 22 played another four levels and 17 players remained with Mike Matusow in the chip lead.

Play was supposed to resume on July 3rd, but Phil Hellmuth's deep run in the $10,000 PL Omaha World Championship nixed that and as a result players returned at 11 a.m. on July 4th.

The unofficial final table of 10 was finally reached with Daniel Negreanu as chip leader. This was how it looked:

Seat 1: Annie Duke - 17, 900
Seat 2: Joe Hachem - 136,000
Seat 3: Erik Seidel - 35,600
Seat 4: Johnny Chan - 152,900
Seat 5: Daniel Negreanu - 175,000
Seat 6: Barry Greenstein - 51,500
Seat 7: Huck Seed - 100,300
Seat 8: Jennifer Harman - 53,400
Seat 9: T.J. Cloutier - 54,300

Seat 10: Howard Lederer - 31,000

Erik Seidel was the eventual bubble boy of this final table, finishing in 10th place. While Negreanu started as chip leader at this final table, he couldn't hold on and finished in 6th place.

Heads-up play in this event was between Howard Lederer and Huck Seed. Lederer started heads-up play with 515,000 against the 295,000 of Seed.

Howard Lederer looked poised to take this event down. Seed moved all-in on a flop of 6-5-3 with 9-6 and Lederer made the call the pocket tens. The turn fell an eight to give Seed outs to a straight.

Unfortunately for Lederer, the river fell a seven to give Seed the straight and double him up to 550,000. Lederer was left with only 260,000.

After being ground down to just 138,000, Lederer moved all-in from the button with Qc-8c and Seed made the call with A-2 of spades. The flop fell 7s-6h-6d, missing both.

The turn fell the 9s to give Seed a flush draw and Lederer a straight draw. The river fell the Ah and Seed's aces gave him the win.

Huck Seed is the 2010 WSOP Tournament of Champions Champion. He took home $500,000 and a likely automatic berth into next years Tournament of Champions.


The final table payouts are below:


Huck Seed



Howard Lederer



Johnny Chan



Joe Hachem



Barry Greenstein



Daniel Negreanu



Jennifer Harman



Annie Duke



TJ Cloutier



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