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Two decks of cards

20 January 2009, By:
What do you do if there are too many players? Use two decks? We answer a question from one of our readers.



Do we need two decks of cards when the number of players is 7?



Hi Anonymous

Well, no. In poker you use one deck of cards, end of story. After all, what would you do if a player flipped over five of a kind on the river?

If the game you're playing is seven card stud and you run out of cards, you deal the last cards open for erveryone to use.

On the other hand, if you were playing Texas Holdem you could invite 20 players without running out of cards. This is probably one reason for holdem being invented in the first place - the railroad builders wanted all the guys to be part of the game.

The Poker Junkie Team

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