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Poker Tournament Strategy

Tournament poker involves a number of concepts that you’ll not find in cash games, such as being chased by increasing blinds, playing with short stacks, the risk of being eliminated, long sessions where you can't get up, steep prize structures at the final table, etc. Hopefully we’ll cover most of those areas in the articles. One day.

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A Word on Satellite Buy-Ins

What's an appropriate buy-in for satellites to a bigger tournament? Let's do some reasoning around this.

23 February 2010

How Many Times to Rebuy

Navigating rebuy tournaments can be tricky. Let's do some thinking on how often to rebuy.

24 February 2009

Pros and Cons of Rebuy Poker Tournaments

The rebuy tournament: It's part cash game and part poker tournament. You are playing for a prize pool earned by eliminating opponents, but an opponent is not necessarily out of action if you take all his chips. If you're not sure where you fall on the subject of rebuy poker tournaments, consider the pros and cons.

24 September 2008

Making The Money In Tournament Hold'em

I wrote this article for players of both on-line & brick and mortar poker tournaments that find themselves frustrated as they find themselves finishing often so close to the money but just not quite making it. More specifically NO LIMIT HOLD EM' but much of this article should apply to any type of poker tournament.

24 May 2005

Why Play Tournament Poker?

Why play tournament poker? Those lucky enough to own the book Tournament Poker For Advanced Players by David Sklansky have more then likely read his interpretation of why you should take up Tournament Poker. In my first chapter of my public ?blog book? ill try to explain.

13 March 2005