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Poker Tournament Strategy

Tournament poker involves a number of concepts that you’ll not find in cash games, such as being chased by increasing blinds, playing with short stacks, the risk of being eliminated, long sessions where you can't get up, steep prize structures at the final table, etc. Hopefully we’ll cover most of those areas in the articles. One day.

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Sunday Poker Tournament Strategies

Finishing 20th in a big Sunday tournament gives you a nice, four-figure payout. But in the long run, it's better to finish 40th.

1 December 2010
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Hip Hop Playlist for Poker Players

To be successful in the large Sunday online-poker tournaments, you need to change gears in the different stages of the tournament.

30 November 2010

Online Poker from Scratch - is it Possible?

Can you get something for nothing? In the world of online poker, you can. In fact, many of today's young Internet phenoms built their bankrolls from nothing, or almost nothing. They had to, since some were not old enough to make a legal deposit when they started playing. What they did, you can do, if you have the skill and patience to follow their example.

6 May 2010
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