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The Fastest Way to Clear a Poker Bonus

29 March 2010, By:
If you want a poker bonus, and want it fast, go to Full Tilt. Their new Rush Poker allows you to clear a poker bonus five times as fast as before.

It always takes time to clear a poker bonus, especially if you're playing low-stakes poker.

To release a pending bonus you have to play a number of raked hands and the lower you play, the more hands you have to go though before the bonus is in your real-money account.

There is one game, however, that significantly speeds up this process: Rush Poker.

This is how it works:

All players who are active in a specific game, say, $1-$2 short handed Texas hold'em are sitting at "the same tables."

When you fold a hand, you're instantly moved to another table where you'll get a new seat, a new hand and against new opponents.

In fact, as soon as you tick the "fold in turn" button, you will be moved (but the players at your old table still think you're there.)

In consequence, there will be no waiting and you can play around 250 hands per hour!

Each and every one of these hands will work you towards the pending Full Tilt Poker bonus and you will have it four to five times faster compared to normal play.

But there are some obvious Rush Poker pitfalls you should be aware of.

If you normally base your play on other players' actions and play a lot differently depending on who you're up against, this edge is lost. You'll have no clue how your opponents normally play.

On the other hand, if you base your play on a solid, straightforward strategy and always act the same way no matter who you're up against, Rush Poker is a great format.

And if you're hunting bonuses, well, things couldn't be better.

So if you want to clear a bonus quickly, go to Full Tilt and check this game out.

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