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Poker Rules - Rules of Soko

4 December 2008, By:
Some may have heard of Soko before under the name Canadian Stud, others may be completely unfamiliar with the game. Either way, Soko is relatively simple to learn and can be a nice deviation from your typical hold'em and seven card stud games.

Play of the Hand in Soko

Soko is a five card stud variant, meaning that the game starts with everyone anteing a pre-determined amount and each player receiving one card down and one card up. The lowest up card must then put in a forced bring-in bet, a standardized amount smaller than a full bet. The bring-in can put in a full bet if he chooses, but must at least put up the bring-in. Clockwise around the table, players may then complete to a full bet, raise if the bet has already been completed, call or fold.

Players then receive another card face up. The player with the highest hand showing acts first and may bet or check. Subsequent players may check or bet if there has been no bet and call, raise or fold if there has been a bet. If there is a pair showing, the betting limits are doubled. After the betting, players receive a fourth card, this one also face up, and now betting limits are doubled regardless of what is showing. There is another round of betting, another face up card, another round of betting, and a final face up card, so all players remaining have one card down and four up. There is one final round of betting, and the best poker hand wins the pot.

Differences in Soko from Five Card Stud

The way Soko varies from traditional five card stud is in the existence of "Canadian Straights/Flushes" or "Four Straights/Flushes." This means that a player with four consecutive cards (ex: 4 5 6 7) has a four straight which beats a pair but loses to a four flush or better, and a player with four cards of the same suit has a four flush which beats a four straight or a pair but loses to two pair or better.

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