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Poker Bonus: Match and Max Explained

10 May 2009, By:
If you're going to gain the maximum benefit from online poker bonuses, you need to know the basics. That means understanding match and max for online poker bonuses. These aren't hard concepts to understand, but you must know them if you are going to take full advantage of a bonus situation.

The Match

A match bonus means the amount of your bonus is determined by how much you deposit. If you deposit $100, the site will match part of that, depending upon the percentage match you are dealing with. For example if a site offers a 100 percent match bonus, your $100 deposit will ultimately result in $200 in your account, your $100 plus a $100 match from the site. If it is a 50 percent match bonus, your $100 will get you an extra $50, and so on.

The Max

One more thing you want to know about before you go on your online poker bonus hunt is the deposit max. This is the most you can deposit with one bonus code and still collect the bonus. This is simply to avoid people of means depositing exorbitant amounts of money and demanding crippling bonus amounts from the online poker site. If a site has a $200 max deposit, the most you can get bonus money on is $200. Depositing $250 with your bonus code won't void the bonus, but you'll only get matched on the initial $200.

Using Max and Match to Your Advantage

When trying to decide between bonus offers, consider both match percentage and deposit max. For example, if you have to choose between a 100 percent match bonus with a $100 maximum deposit or a 50 percent match bonus with a $400 maximum deposit, you may opt for the 50 percent, since you can earn up to $200 in bonus money as opposed to only $100 with the other site. This assumes of course that you are willing and able to deposit $400. If you are only going to deposit $100 or less, you should definitely go with the first site.

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