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Poker Rules - Rules of Telesina

4 November 2008, By:
Telesina is a tricky five card stud variant that uses a stripped deck and includes an element of community card games. If you're looking for something new to jazz up your traditional poker game, Telesina might be it.

Play of the Hand in Telesina
Telesina plays for the most part like five card stud. Using a deck with the 2s through 6s removed, each player antes and then receives one card down and one card up. The player with the highest card showing brings it in with a fraction of a standard bet (or a full bet if he chooses) and all players wishing to remain in the hand must call or raise. Following this, a third card is dealt, this one face up, and the player with the highest hand showing may check or bet. Action continues clockwise around the table and remaining players see a fourth card, also face up. Another round of betting and a fifth card is dealt face up, so players have one down card and four up.

The Vela
It is at this point where things get interesting. After the last round of betting, a community card ("the vela") is turned face up in the middle. All players may use this card as part of their hand if they wish. There is a final round of betting and a showdown where the highest hand takes the pot.

Hand Ranking Variations
In Telesina, flushes and full houses switch places in strength, so the third most powerful hand, after straight flush and four of a kind, is a flush, followed by a full house and then a straight. In addition, unlike in traditional poker, suits are used to break ties. If players have an identical straight flush, flush or straight, the high suit wins. If both players have the same pair or two pair, the suit of the highest kicker determines the winner. The order of suits, strongest to weakest, is hearts, diamonds, clubs, spades.

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