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Read our in-depth poker site reviews below to to get a closer look at all of their pros and cons and find out how our expert editors rate the top online poker sites on the market.

With over two decades of experience in online poker, our editors will give you a snapshot of each individual poker site that's as accurate and up-to-date as possible.

If you have any objections or suggestions or see any information has fallen out-of-date, please let us know and we'll update the site review asap.

## Some key factors to consider when choosing an online poker site:

Poker Sites for Mac Users

The absolute first thing to consider when you're looking for an online poker site is what kind of operating system you have.

If you're on a PC, you have little to worry about. Every poker site is built to run on PCs so you can pick and choose whatever site you want without thinking twice.

If you have an older, slower computer you may want to stay away from super graphic-intensive poker sites - like the 3D-graphic - but otherwise, the poker world is your oyster.

If you have a Mac, your options are a little more limited - although much, much less than they used to be.

Several online poker sites now offer a native, downloadable client for Macs, but virtually every site also offers a "no-download" or instant play version that Mac users can play real-money poker on without having to download the full client.

In the past that also meant you'd be getting an "inferior" version of software with reduced functionality, but nowadays the two versions are virtually the same.

In the end, poker players are the real winners when it comes to an increased presence of Mac poker sites as more traffic pays off in better game selection and more competition on the market means better and more perks for players.

Read More About Poker Sites for Mac Users

Poker Sites for US Players

Another important consideration is of course whether you're trying to play from inside the United States.

Given the current climate for online poker in the US and legislation passed over the last five years, the poker sites available to US are always in flux.

Check our US poker sites page for the most up-to-date list of poker sites accepting US players.

Comparing Poker Software from Different Poker Sites

There are a lot of different online poker sites out there, each with their own idea about what functionality and graphics poker software should offer.

A lot of sites have built or supplied their own in-house poker client, while some have chosen to become a "skin," or part of a larger poker network that shares its software and player base across all sites.

Either way, there are plenty of software features you'll want to consider when deciding which poker sites to play on.


One of the most important features of great poker software is the graphic interface, or the way the site is presented to the player visually.

You're going to be spending countless hours staring at your online poker table, so you should make sure the poker site software you choose provides a look or atmosphere that is pleasing to you.

You'd be surprised at how tired your eyes get when they're looking at something aesthetically unappealing.

Among the most important things to consider are the overall color scheme, size and position of the action buttons (to prevent misclicks and to see clearly when mutli-tabling), whether the site has interesting avatars (personalized icons that represent you on the site, if that's important to you) and clear representations of cards, chips and chip amounts.

Stats and Data Collection

One of the biggest advantages a professional online poker player has over a professional live player is the ability to collect and utilize data in real-time.

Online poker sites can provide detailed hand histories and reports that tell you everything that happened in a particular session, from money put in before the flop to percentage of hands won at showdown.

For some poker sites, these histories may come in the form of a detailed graphic interface, making it easy to observe trends as they happen.

Other sites may not have such an elaborate system. Some software instantly tracks things like how often you see the flop and how many pots you win at a showdown, others do not.

If data mining is an important part of your game, and it should be as you improve, match up more frequently with the same players and when you move up in stakes, you should be comparing the data collection capabilities of the various poker software clients.

Taking Notes on Your Opponents

On a similar note, nearly every site allows you to take notes on your opposition, which is key to successful play.

Among the many benefits of some sites are being able to add "quick glance" icons to mark a certain type of player, and being able to call up full notes at the table whenever you run into a particular player to take advantage of his or her tendencies.

Different poker software programs facilitate note taking and how you can access these notes in different ways, so this is another element to compare when looking at different types of online poker software.

To be honest, poker site bonuses might give your bankroll a boost, but to become a long term winner you have to find weak opponents.

Taking detailed notes on the players you’re up against is essential.

Multi-tabling in online poker cash games

Once you begin to become successful at online poker, you may decide to try multi-tabling, or playing more than one table at a time.

Many online poker pros enjoy this feature because it can not only increase your win rate exponentially, but it can also make it easier to play tight and lay down non-premium hands as you will usually have action going at another table.

The poker software of different poker sites varies somewhat widely with respect to how they handle multi-tabling, ranging from how many tables you can play at once to how you can organize them on your screen.

The best way to compare poker software features, besides reading online poker reviews, is to play on a variety of sites.

All online poker site downloads are free, so it doesn't cost you anything to play on multiple sites. Once you decide which software you like best, feel free to pare down the number of poker sites you play on.

Take the Time to Pick the Best Poker Site for You by Reading Poker Site Reviews

Overall, you're probably not as critical as you should be when it comes to choosing where you play poker online.

Chances are you've missed some of the best online poker sites, software and bonus deals just because you didn’t study more online poker site reviews before hitting the tables.

It's a Buyer's Market

Here is the basic thing to keep in mind: Online poker is a buyer's market.

You have all the power in this situation when it comes to choosing a poker site you want to patronize, so be ruthless in your screening process.

How should you be ruthless?

A good way to start is by reading as many in-depth online poker site reviews as you can.

The first thing to seek out in poker site reviews is an unmistakable tone of objectivity.

There are far too many out there that are no more than thinly-veiled advertisements paid for by the web sites being reviewed.

Please try to employ as much critical thinking as you can muster when reading any material online (this advice is not limited to gambling material).

Scrutinize Good Poker Site Reviews

Once you've determined a review’s objectivity, it's time for you to take a closer look at some of the information found within a given online poker review.

The most important thing to keep an eye out for is a wealth of details.

Good reviews are always loaded with information and no detail should be too small. After all, you're trying to assemble as much knowledge as possible. So don't waste your time reading a review that doesn't cover all the bases.

Finally, make sure the reviews you're reading are current. Online poker sites are constantly updated, offering new features on a weekly basis and continual software updates, so keep that in mind.

There is no point in reading yesterday's news, so always be sure to stay up to date.

Bearing these important distinctions in mind, you'll more than likely find the poker site that fits best for you in cyberspace.

Online Poker Sites

Which are really the best poker sites online? Well, your choice depends almost exclusively on what you’re looking for – i.e. what you feel is most important.

You obviously want poker software that works perfectly and runs without glitches, but you also might have to examine the player traffic in your favorite poker variation.

You also want to find the best poker sign-up bonuses, freerolls and promotions, but you also want your opponents to be as weak as possible.

At the top of this page you'll find Poker Junkie editors’ top picks as well as our visitors’ ratings for most top online poker sites, taking all of these factors in as best as possible.

If you follow our online poker site rankings, we're confident you'll have a great online poker experience.

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