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Poker Freerolls

Freerolls are almost as old as poker itself.

Since the early days of the industry's online poker rooms are struggling with each other to win new customers. As a result, the freeroll is created, a free poker tournament. To explain it simply: a freeroll is a poker tournament where you have to pay a deposit, but where you can win real money or any other price that has real value. Freeroll tournaments is the best way to work on your poker skills without having to risk real money. However, there are many different freerolls and may the best freerolls will be quite complicated for new poker players.

At the bottom you can find frequently asked questions regarding freerolls:
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What is a poker freeroll?

A freeroll is a poker tournament without having to pay your buy-in. It is a tournament that wont cost you anything!

Is it always free?

Yes, although there could be some limitations.

Some freerolls are only open to players who have recently opened a new account at an online poker site, while other freerolls are again only accessible to players who have played a certain number of hands in the previous month.

In addition, there are some freerolls where you qualify for when you come from a specific region, when you follow your Facebook page or liked a known poker player.

In practice, each type of poker player finds a suitable freeroll, so be sure you spend enough time to find the right freeroll that fits you.

Why poker sites offer freerolls?

Online poker rooms normally organize freerolls to attract new players.

It is for poker sites also a way to strengthen the bond with their existing customers.

It is in a way similar to, for example, telecommunication companies that provide free of charge for the first month.
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What can I win in freerolls?

The prices can vary significantly. Normally freerolls have a small prize, but there are also freerolls that have a prize pools of $ 1 million.

How do I qualify me to freerolls?

Normally by just open a new account at an online poker site. Most poker sites also offer daily, weekly and monthly freerolls for new players or players who have recently made a deposit.

It is also possible to take part in free rolls, in which the requirement is that you have to collect a certain number of loyalty points in the previous month. If you play a lot on a poker site you been automatically reach this number of points.

Some sites even organize poker freerolls for winners of a given game when players or the Facebook page of the poker site Liking.

Where can I find the best freerolls?

Top of this this page shows you Poker sites that have lots of freerolls daily. Goodluck!