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Introduction to Online Poker Site Bonuses

26 May 2008, By:
You've studied your poker fundamentals and picked out an online site you like. You've watched some poker on television and you've read some books. Your bankroll is assembled and you're ready to play, right?
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Wrong. You're not ready to play online poker until you have chosen an online-poker site bonus. What is an online poker bonus? If you don't know, don't sign up with any poker site until you have read this article.

What Is an Online Poker Site Bonus?

An online poker bonus is your incentive for signing up with or playing on an online poker site. Since you are going to play online poker anyway, you might as well let a site pay you to do it.

The main online poker bonus is the sign-up bonus. You get this bonus for signing up with a new poker site. At Poker Junkie, we list the largest deals on offer right now.

When you make your first deposit you are usually automatically entitled to the poker bonus. In some cases, however, you might need a bonus code. If so, be sure to locate the field for the bonus code and enter it.

Once you've entered it and submitted your deposit, you'll be ready to collect your bonus.

What Kind of Online Poker Bonus Should You Look For?

Your sign up bonus should be a match bonus, preferably a 100 percent match or better. This means that the site matches the amount you deposit.

Be sure to include the bonus code with that first deposit. Once making the deposit, the opportunity to earn the bonus is gone.

You've Signed Up, Now What?

Now you must clear the bonus. You do this by simply playing on the site. The more you play on the site, the more points you earn. Once you earn enough points, determined by the size of the bonus, the bonus clears. Once it clears, you can bet with it or withdraw as you see fit.

Are There Other Kinds of Poker Bonuses?

You can also get loyalty bonuses for continued play on a site. These may be match bonuses, but they will be smaller percentages than the sign up bonus. You can get a bonus for referring others to the site. These may be small match bonuses or fixed bonuses, meaning you get a flat rate for every person that you sign up.

Where to Find Poker Site Bonuses

To make it easy for you, we have listed the best poker site bonuses you'll find online. Choose one of them and you're sure to get a sizable boost to your bankroll when the payout requirements are met.

Again, if you're planning on playing poker anyway, why not take the money that's given to you for free?

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