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Harrington on Hold'em Volume 2

25 September 2008, By:

Once Volume 1 has given you the basics of handling no-limit Texas hold'em tournaments, you're ready for the good stuff. This advanced volume is titled: The Endgame, but it should really be called The Middlegame and Endgame, as this book takes you through every stage in a tournament once the blinds start to rise.

The most important section of the book, and the one that has already given it "bible" status among tournament poker players, is the section on 'Inflection Points.' Inflection points are the points in the tournament where the situation changes. Perhaps you've just doubled up and acquired a massive stack, or the reverse, you've just been crippled. Maybe the round has ended and the blinds have now gotten to a level where your stack is no longer comfortable. Maybe many players are busted out and the bubble is approaching. These are all inflection points, and Harrington tells you how to handle them all.

The most important tools for handling inflection points according to Harrington are "M" and "Q." M is the ratio of your stack to the blinds and antes and Q is the ratio of your stack to the average. These numbers will dictate how aggressively and what kind of hands you should play. Harrington further adds the concept of different "Zones," which players will find themselves in according to their M. Players with an M of 20 or higher are comfortably in the Green Zone while those with an M that is between 1 and 5 are in critical condition in the Red Zone. These concepts alone can improve a tournament player's results dramatically.

Just as in Volume 1, Harrington on Hold'em Volume 2 has an assortment of problems that you can play through to test your understanding of the material. Since this volume is on the endgame, there are also ample sections on what to do in shorthanded play and heads-up play, since any tournament player who becomes successful will eventually have to face these situations. There are also some notes on making deals, since this can also occur late in a tournament. Both Harrington on Hold'em Volume 1 and Volume 2 are an indispensable resource for any tournament no-limit Texas hold'em player.

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