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Poker Hand Evaluation

We collected some interesting poker hands that we presented to the PokerJunkie editorial team. They gave their input on how the hand was played and how they would have played it.

Very interesting for the beginner or average poker player to see what to do in certain scenarios.

If you have any poker hand that you want input on, send it in, so that we can feed it to the Poker sharks here at Use our Contact Page to submit the hand.

Rule 1 of poker: Keep learning from your mistakes

Rule 2: Never talk about rule 1

Correct to fold aces preflop?

I was in a tournament recently where the top three places were paid. The blinds were 1,000-2,000, we were four players left and I had about 21,000 chips.

27 May 2008

Showing when the flush card hits

Hi Poker Junkies!I played an interesting hand of PLO:Pot Limit Omaha, $1/$2, six-handedMy stack: $173My hand: Ah Kh Jh 2cMy position: cutoff Pre flop:I raise the pot, the button re-raises pot,...

10 April 2008