Poker Junkie Hall of Fame

Not all poker players are poker junkies. In the Poker Junkie Hall of Fame there's only room for real poker junkies, obviously.

On these pages we introduce to you our favorite poker junkies - but only after a thorough investigation into their bad poker habits! Do they play long sessions? Do they swing from big wins to huge losses? Are they into crazy side bets?

These factors and many others are the things that decide how much we love them. The players who make it into the Hall of Fame get a lot of love!

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  • Andy Bloch

    Andy Bloch

    • Andy finds it irritating to lose $100,000 in a single session of poker.

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  • Jamie Gold

    Jamie Gold

    • Jamie once won $860k in a “friendly game” in Beverly Hills. “I was just killing the game.”

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  • Evelyn Ng

    Evelyn Ng

    • I'd rather go and have fun than play poker around a bunch of boring people, ha ha.

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  • Annette Obrestad

    Annette Obrestad

    • Annette says that choosing poker over a partner is an easy choice.

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  • Bill Chen

    Bill Chen

    • One of Bill's friend ended up in the hospital after a crazy side bet.

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  • Robert Varkonyi

    Robert Varkonyi

    • “My partner pushes me to play more and says that I don't play enough.”

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  • Annand

    Annand "Victor" Ramdin

    • “Instead of cheating on my wife, I would rather cheat with poker.”

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  • Kathy Liebert

    Kathy Liebert

    • "When all I think about is poker it's hard to have a lot of friends out of it."

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  • Jonas Danielsson

    Jonas Danielsson

    • Nebuchad won $250k in a crazy heads-up session against Patrik Antonius.

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  • Mel Judah

    Mel Judah

    • Mel is the king of side bets. “I make many of those, and I've lost only one.”

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  • Santa Claus

    Santa Claus

    • You may not know that Santa is an ardent gambler. "I love to play against the odds..."

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