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Feature Articles

Every now and then we publish feature articles here on Poker Junkie that don't fit into any one category like poker news or poker strategy. They can be anything from an interview with a big-name poker pro to a few tips on where to go in Las Vegas to a list of the sickest poker hands this year. There's lots of great stuff to be found though, for sure, so dig around a bit and keep your eyes peeled for new articles as they're posted.

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3 Political Bloggers on Poker and Politics

From Las Vegas to Washington DC; since the UIGEA bill passed some three years ago, the game of poker has become quite a hot topic among US politicians and lawmakers. But what do they really know about poker?

9 October 2009 1
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Poker Pros on Twitter - the List

Follow your favorite poker pros on Twitter and get real-time updates from their extraordinary lives on the tournament circuit or when chilling out at home. Here's the list.

5 October 2009 1
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Leverage Explained (in Big Bet Poker)

In no-limit and pot-limit poker, leverage is possibly THE most important strategical concept. When you first understand leverage, your game will take a giant leap forward.

30 July 2009
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SPR Explained - Stack-to-Pot Ratio

The best play for a certain hand depends on how much money you have in your stack. In both holdem and Omaha, the stack-to-pot ratio is an important tool for better decisions.

30 July 2009
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Nice Person In Vegas

I run across various people in my travels for poker. Some I see in several locations, while others I only see in a specific area.

26 June 2009
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Getting around Vegas

When going to Las Vegas, many people don't know many ways to get around other than walking. If you do not want to fight the masses of people, or are not capable of walking everywhere, consider some of these options.

26 June 2009
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Nightlife in Vegas

What can you do for fun after the sun goes down in Las Vegas? Here are a few options for the Vegas nightlife.

28 May 2009
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Live Poker in New York

Going back to the Mayfair Club, New York City's underground card rooms have had an almost legendary status for producing players such as Howard Lederer, Erik Seidel, and Dan Harrington.

27 May 2009
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